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Press Releases

September 20, 2018

Signing of Record of Discussions on Technical Cooperation Project with Viet Nam: Capacity development of strategic leaders and managers

On September 20, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a Record of Discussions with the Government of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in Hanoi for the Project for Training and Refresher Training of Leaders and Managers at Different Levels, especially the Strategic One, a technical cooperation project.

Under the project, short- and mid-term training will be carried out as part of a human resource development program for leaders and leadership candidates of the Communist Party and the Government of Viet Nam.* Over a period of five years, 500 Vietnamese leaders and leadership candidates will be invited to Japan for training related to public policy, economics, public service ethics and other topics, as well as for exchanges of opinion with Japanese experts in the areas of government, economics and academics, supporting training of the next generation of leaders to carry out administrative reform in Viet Nam.

The economy of Viet Nam has undergone remarkable development since the 1986 commencement of Doi Moi policies, under which a transition was made to a market economy and open-door policies were instituted for international trade and investment. However, slow administration reforms have led to bloated national agencies and an inability of the administrative system to respond to the advancements and diversification of the economy, resulting in an inefficient, complex bureaucracy, corruption and other issues. As acceleration of administrative reform has been established as a priority by the new administration that took power in 2016 and the leadership of the Communist Party, administrative reform is being pursued by the Central Organization Commission of the Communist Party, which assists the Party in personnel, human resource development and organizational management.

Before such reform initiatives can be effectively implemented, training is required for the leaders so that they incorporate foreign reform expertise in a way that meets the circumstances in Viet Nam.

Through the Project for Strengthening Capacity of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Academy of Public Administration in Training of Public Leaders and Civil Servants (2013–2016), JICA provided training to 511 national leadership candidates locally and 113 in Japan. At the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party held in 2016, 33 (17 percent) of the 200 members elected to the Central Committee (180 regular members and 20 alternatives) had been participants in that project training. The project received the 2016 JICA President’s Award in recognition for its contribution to the development of high-quality human resources.

The present project will build on the outcomes of such past cooperation with the objective of contributing to the development of future key human resources who will lead administrative reform and economic growth that responds to directives from the party general secretary of Viet Nam. In addition to training the leaders who will carry out such administrative reform and construct a new socioeconomic model in Viet Nam, the project is expected to strengthen the public-private-academic human network between Japan and Viet Nam and to contribute to strengthened relations between the two countries.

* In addition to short-term training, a master and doctoral program for international students will be carried out for human resource development.

[Basic project information]
Country Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Project title Project for Training and Refresher Training of Leaders and Managers at Different Levels, especially the Strategic One
Planned implementation period April 2019 to March 2024
Executing agency Central Organizing Commission of the Communist Party of Viet Nam
Target region Throughout Viet Nam
Specific project details (provisional) Training in public policy, economics, public service ethics and other topics will be provided in Japan for 500 Vietnamese people over five years, and opinion exchanges will be carried out with Japanese experts (in the areas of government, economic and academia) toward human networking to support the training of the next generation of leaders in Viet Nam needed to promote administrative reform and construct a new socioecomomic model.


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