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Press Releases

December 6, 2018

Signing of Record of Discussions on Technical Cooperation Project with Indonesia: Support for Strengthening SDG Implementation Framework

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a Record of Discussions with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (GOI) in Jakarta for the Project for Strengthening Framework of Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).*

The project aims to strengthen the GOI framework for SDG implementation by providing support for: (1) setting domestic indicators, (2) formulating action plans to achieve the indicators and (3) creating a monitoring and evaluation system.

As Indonesia has compiled data for only 36percent (85 out of 241) of the SDG indicators, data for the remaining indicators must be acquired. Moreover, action plans must be formulated or improved for establishing initiatives to achieve the SDGs indicators. Constructing a monitoring and evaluation system aligned with the action plans is also a priority.

In July 2017, the GOI announced a presidential degree pertaining to the SDGs that created a policy for strengthening the SDG implementation system, and anticipation for the outcome of the project has been growing at the National Development Planning Agency of Indonesia. In addition, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Promotion Headquarters of Japan has established support for SDG implementation organizations in developing countries by policy.

The preparation of data on SDG indicators such as “mortality rate attributed to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory disease” and “proportion and number of children aged 5–¬17 years engaged in child labour, by sex and age” by the project will facilitate a more accurate assessment of the issues that the people of Indonesia face. The GOI will also be able to utilize such data in better creating policies.

Toward achieving the SDGs, JICA will actively share the outcomes of the project with a variety of development partners such as developing countries, international organizations, private companies, universities and civil societies.

* Sustainable Development Goals: In September 2015, 193 member countries attending the Sustainable Development Summit held at the United Nations Headquarters unanimously adopted “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” With a philosophy of “No one will be left behind,” the agenda established the SDGs with 17 Goals and 169 Targets as important guidelines for the international community to eradicate poverty by 2030 and achieve a sustainable society.

[Basic project information]
Country Republic of Indonesia
Project title The Project for Strengthening Framework of Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Planned implementation period March 2019 to August 2020
Executing agency National Development Planning Agency
Target region Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Banten and other areas
Specific project details (provisional) (1) The definition of domestic indicators and the establishment of target values by the GOI;
(2) The formulation of action plans toward achieving SDGs by the central and target local governments;
(3) Monitoring and evaluation of the SDGs by the central and target local governments; and
(4) Mutual learning relating to SDG implementation.


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