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Ex-post Monitoring

Ex-post monitoring is undertaken 7 years after a project was completed in principle in order to determine whether or not the expected effects and impacts continue to be generated, to check that there are no sustainability-related problems with the technical capacities, systems and finances of the executing agency nor with the operation and management of developed facilities, etc., and to ascertain what action has been taken vis-a-vis the lessons learned and recommendations gleaned during the ex-post evaluation.

FY 2012

Ex-post Monitoring Full Text
Jordan Second Human Resources Development Sector Investment (PDF/681KB)
Philippines Special Economic Zones Environment Management Project (PDF/455KB)
South Africa Kwandebele Region Water Augmentation Project (PDF/444KB)
Thailand Regional Development Project (II) (PDF/322KB)
Tunisia Barbara Irrigation Project (PDF/348KB)
Tunisia Irrigation Perimeters Improvement Project in Oasis (PDF/378KB)
Tunisia Treated Sewage Irrigation Project (PDF/508KB)
Zimbabwe Mashonaland Manicaland Digitalization Project (II) (PDF/290KB)
Zimbabwe Matabeleland Telecommunications Network Development Project (PDF/320KB)

FY 2011

Ex-post Monitoring Full Text
Indonesia Surabaya Urban Development Project (1) (PDF/5.78MB)
Kazakhstan Irtysh River Bridge Construction Project (PDF/6.12MB)
Mongolia Baganuur and Shivee-Ovoo Coal Mine Development Project (1) (2) (PDF/295KB)
Philippines Nationwide Air Navigation Facilities Modernization Project Phase III (PDF/2.15MB)
Sri Lanka Samanalawewa Hydroelectric Power Plant (I) (II) (III) and Samanalawewa Hydroelectric Project (Reservoir Remedial Works) (PDF/7.06MB)

FY 2010

Ex-post Monitoring Full Text
Argentina Project for Improvement of the Hygienic Environment of the Reconquista River Basin (PDF/2.99MB)
Cameroon Douala Port Container Terminal Modernization Project (PDF/203KB)
China Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport Expansion Project (PDF/1.20MB)
Colombia Aguablanca Water Supply and Sewage Project (PDF/2.99MB)
Ecuador Catarama River Basin Irrigation Project (PDF/693KB)
Ghana Water Sector Rehabilitation Project (PDF/2.29MB)
India Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Program (PDF/2.63MB)
Morocco Abda-Doukkala Upper Scheme Irrigation Project (PDF/516KB)
Philippines Boracay Environmental Infrastructure Project (PDF/1.82MB)
Sri Lanka Kelanitissa Combined Cycle Power Plant Project (PDF/159KB)
Thailand Environmental Fund Project (PDF/197KB)
Track Rehabilitation Project (1)-(3) (PDF/204KB)

FY 2009

Ex-post Monitoring Full Text
Philippines Metro Manila LRT Line I Capacity Expansion Project (PDF/310KB)

FY 2008

Ex-post Monitoring Full Text Summary
India Upper Kolab Irrigation Project (PDF/719KB)  
Eastern Gandak Canal Hydroelectric Project (PDF/241KB)
Indonesia The Bepedal Regional Monitoring Capacity Development Project (PDF/706KB)
Uzbekistan Three Local Airports Modernization Project (1) (2) (PDF/330KB)
Kazakhstan Railway Transport Capacity Development Project (PDF/255KB)
Guatemala Social Investment Fund Project (PDF/248KB)
Kenya Horticultural Produce Handling Facilities Project (PDF/255KB)
Tunisia Agricultural Sector Investment Project (PDF/236KB)
Bangladesh Energy Saving, Environmental Protection and Improvement of On-stream Factor of Ghorasal Urea Fertilizer Factory (PDF/493KB)
Botswana North-South Carrier Water Project (PDF/273KB)
Malaysia Rehabilitation of the Tenom Pangi Hydropower Project (PDF/318KB)

FY 2007

Ex-post Monitoring Full Text Summary
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby International Airport Redevelopment Project (1) (2) (PDF/112KB)  
Trans-Island Highway Construction Project (1) (2) (PDF/158KB)
Philippines Regional Telecommunications Development Project in Region III (PDF/80KB)
South Luzon Expressway Construction Project (PDF/112KB)
El Salvador Water Supply and Sewerage Improvement Project (PDF/331KB)
Guatemala Groundwater Development Project (PDF/253KB)
Uzbekistan Railway Passenger Transport Improvement project (PDF/337KB)
Pakistan Metropolitan Water Supply Project (Kanpur Water Supply Project Phase I (PDF/234KB)
Indonesia Jakarta Solid Waste Management System Improvement Project (PDF/291KB)
Thailand Metropolitan Highway Construction Project – Ramintra Artnarong Line (1) (2) (PDF/1.68MB)
China Beijing Subway Construction Project & Beijing Subway Construction Project Phase II (PDF/317KB)

FY 2006

Ex-post Monitoring Full Text Summary
Indonesia Semarang Port Development Project (1) (2) (PDF/129KB)  
South Sumatra Swamp Improvement Project (PDF/147KB)
Philippines Rural Road Network Development Project (1) (PDF/115KB)
Revitalization of Main Line South Project (PDF/114KB)
Sri Lanka Transportation Rehabilitation Project (PDF/198KB)
Pakistan Track Circuits at 94 Mainline Stations Project (PDF/101KB)
Nepal Udaipur Cement Project (PDF/177KB)
India Teesta Canal Hydroelectric Project (1) (PDF/82KB)
Chile Railway Rehabilitation Project (PDF/144KB)
Peru Health Service Strengthening Project (PDF/153KB)

FY 2005

Ex-post Monitoring Full Text Summary
Indonesia Bila Irrigation Project Phases (1) (2) (PDF/82KB) (PDF/153KB)
Rehabilitation of Diesel Railcars Project (Phase 1), Diesel Railcar Rehabilitation Project (Phase 2) (PDF/73KB)
Philippines Metro Manila Interchange Construction Projects (1) (2) (3) (PDF/54KB)
Myanmar Gas Turbine Power Station Project (Yangon) (PDF/126KB)
Bangladesh Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Project (PDF/83KB)
Bangladesh Farming Village Development Credit Project (PDF/91KB)
Pakistan Second 220kV Guddu-Sibbi-Quetta Transmission Project (PDF/66KB)
Project to Upgrade Generator No. 6 at the Bin Qasim Thermal Power Plant (1) (2) (PDF/105KB)
Brazil Northeast Irrigation Project (PDF/122KB)
Mexico The Mexico City Sulfur Dioxide Emission Reduction Project (PDF/134KB)

FY 2004

Ex-post Monitoring Full Text Summary
Indonesia Science and Technology Manpower Development Program (PDF/26KB) (PDF/48KB)
Thailand Sattahip - Map Ta Phut Railway Project (PDF/23KB)
Map Ta Phut - Sattahip Water Pipeline Project (PDF/25KB)
India Basin Bridge Gas Turbine Project (PDF/24KB)


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