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Annual Evaluation Reports

Annual Evaluation Report 2001

Cover: Annual Evaluation Report 2001

Preface (PDF/436KB)

  • Contents
  • Evaluation Survey Published in This Report

CHAPTER 1 Overview (PDF/516KB)

  • I. Outline of JICA Evaluation
  • II. Present Challenges and Future Efforts in JICA Evaluation
  • III. Evaluated Projects Included in This Report
  • IV. Summary of Evaluation Results
  • V. Lessons Learned and Recommendations
  • VI. State of Efforts toward Items Recommended in Last Year's JICA Annual Evaluation Report

CHAPTER 2 Ex-post Evaluation

I. Country-Program Evaluation (PDF/276KB)

  • Mexico

II. Thematic Evaluation (PDF/1.8MB)

  • Poverty and Gender in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Cooperation (Nepal)
  • Poverty and Gender in Agriculture and Forestry Cooperation (Paraguay)
  • Support for Persons with Disabilities (Thailand)
  • JOCVs' Cooperation for Vocational Training (Cambodia)
  • Health and Medical Services (Honduras)
  • Partnership between JICA and Okinawa Prefecture in International Cooperation (Philippines,Thailand)
  • Water Supply and Water Resources Development (Philippines)

III. External Evaluation (PDF/1MB)

  • Support for Transition to a Market Economy (Laos), Prof. Yoshimoto SUZUKI, Mie University
  • Human Resources Development (Myanmar), Ms. Suzuka YOSHIDA, Journalist
  • Support for Community Empowerment and Peace Building (Cambodia, Indonesia), Mr. Noriyuki WAKISAKA, ASAHI Newspaper
  • Support for Transition to a Market Economy (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan), Ms. Keiko CHINO, SANKEI Newspaper

IV. Joint Evaluation (PDF/272KB)

  • JICA/UNDP Joint Evaluation (Poverty in Tanzania)

V. Follow-up Evaluation of Development Studies (PDF/180KB)

  • Follow-up Evaluation of Development Studies (Thailand, Indonesia, Bolivia, Paraguay)

VI Evaluation by Overseas Offices (PDF/1.8MB)

(1) Asia
  • India / The Project for Development of Quality See
  • Sri Lanka / Minipe Nagadeepa Rural Development Project
  • Thailand / Community Health Project
(2) Middle East
  • Morocco / The Project of Drinking Water Supply in Rural Areas
  • Saudi Arabia / Mangrove Protection
(3) Africa
  • Côte d'Ivoire / The Project for Development of Fishery
(4) Latin America
  • Bolivia / Improvement of Technologies for Rice Production
  • Chile / Seminar in Regional Development and Planning
  • El Salvador / Technical and Industrial Institute
(5) Oceania
  • Papua New Guinea / The Projects to Raise Incomes and Standards of Living in Rural Area (Highlands)
(6) Europe
  • Poland / Japanese Language Teachin

CHAPTER 3 Terminal Evaluation

I. Asia

II. Middle East

III. Africa

IV. Latin America and the Caribbean

V. Oceania

VI. Europe

Glossary (PDF/1.6MB)

  • Development Assistance Terminology and JICA Terminology
  • List of Evaluated Projects


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