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Annual Evaluation Reports

Annual Evaluation Report 2002

Cover: Annual Evaluation Report 2002

Contents (PDF/64KB)

Preface (PDF/260KB)

Evaluation Survey Published in This Report (PDF/248KB)

CHAPTER 1 Overview (PDF/860KB)

  • I. Outline of JICA Evaluation
  • II. Present Challenges and Future Efforts in JICA Evaluation
  • III. Summary of Evaluation Results
  • IV. Lessons Learned from Evaluation Results
  • V. State of Efforts to Feed Back Lessons Learned in Last Year's Annual Evaluation Report

CHAPTER 2 Ex-post Evaluation

I. Country-Program Evaluation

II. Thematic Evaluation

  • Alleviating Regional Disparities between the Bangkok Metropolitan Area and the Northeast Region : A Case Study of the Kingdom of Thailand (Thailand) (PDF1/532KB) / (PDF2/452KB)
  • Population and Health Sector in the Philippines under JICA / USAID Collaboration: Part 1 (Reproductive Health) (Philippines) (PDF/768KB)
  • Participatory Evaluation -- Case Study in Thailand -- (Thailand) (PDF/620KB)
  • Transition to a Market Economy in Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary) (PDF/388KB)
  • South- South Cooperation Support (Singapore, Thailand) (PDF/592KB)
  • Cooperation of JOCV for Middle-income Countries -- Case Study of Malaysia (Malaysia) (PDF/668KB)

III. External Evaluation

  • JICA's Cooperation with Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) (Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia) (PDF/592KB)
  • JICA's Assistance for Post Conflict Reconstruction (Bosnia Herzegovina) (PDF/788KB)

IV. Follow-up Evaluation of Development Studies

  • Follow-up Evaluation of Development Studies (Port and Water Supply) (Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Kenya and Mauritius) (PDF/880KB)
  • Follow-up Evaluation of Development Study (Agricultural Irrigation) (Philippines, Thailand) (PDF/592KB)

V. Evaluation by Overseas Offices

(1) Asia
(2) Africa
(3) Latin America
(4) Europe

CHAPTER 3 Terminal Evaluation

I. Asia

II. Middle East

III. Africa

IV. Latin America and the Caribbean

V. Oceania

VI. Europe

Glossary (PDF/76KB)


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