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Annual Evaluation Reports

Annual Evaluation Report 2006

Cover: Annual Evaluation Report 2006

Flier (PDF/588KB)

Cover (PDF/852KB)

  • Cover
  • Preface


Part 1 Evaluation in JICA

Chapter 1 JICA’s Evaluation Activities and Efforts for Expanding and Enhancing Evaluation (PDF/776KB)

Chapter 2 Improving JICA’s Cooperation Using Evaluation Results (PDF/580KB)

Chapter 3 JICA Program Evaluation (PDF/516KB)

Part 2 Project-level Evaluation

Chapter 1 Overview of Evaluations of Individual Projects in Fiscal 2005 (PDF/672KB)

Chapter 2 Synthesis Study of Evaluations (Project-level Ex-post Evaluations) (PDF/744KB)

Part 3 Program-level Evaluation

Chapter 1 Enhancing the Approach for Community- and People-centered Development (PDF/588KB)

Chapter 2 Contribution to Capacity Development in Developing Countries (PDF/584KB)

Chapter 3 Enhancement of International/Regional Partnership (PDF/524KB)

Part 4 Secondary Evaluation by the Advisory Committee on Evaluation

Chapter 1 Results of Secondary Evaluation Fiscal 2006 (PDF/712KB)

Chapter 2 Results of Field Studies Conducted by the Advisory Committee on Evaluation (PDF/472KB)

Chapter 3 Improving JICA’s Evaluations andProjects (Recommendations) (PDF/428KB)

Glossary (PDF/464KB)


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