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JICA Activities

JICA's development strategy in the ICT sector comprises four components: improvement of ICT policy-making capacity, development of human resources to support ICT, development of ICT infrastructure, and promotion of use and application of ICT.

This development strategy has been translated into specific measures, including dispatching promotion and policy advisors on ICT, supporting the training of ICT engineers, developing fiber-optic networks, and delivering assistance with the use and application of ICT in such sectors as education, industrial promotion, and disaster risk reduction. In the cyber security sector, JICA works with the framework of cooperation between the Japanese government and ASEAN member states, namely, the Japan-ASEAN Ministerial Policy Meeting on Cyber Security Cooperation, to assist these countries in building their cyber security capacities, thereby contributing to safe and secure cyberspace.

ICT Policies Linked to Social and Economic Development

The use of ICT is called for in the newly agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In fact, ICT is increasingly applied for development purposes in developing countries where this technology is spreading. In view of these developments, JICA is currently considering industry-based solutions, business-enabling solutions, and incubating solutions to further promote the use and application of ICT in relevant development sectors in developing countries.

(1) Industry-based solutions: providing ICT service as a package to address problems in developing countries, utilizing ICT solutions used in Japan and other countries

(2) Business-enabling solutions: proposing utilization of ICT service as a tool to further improve the effectiveness of existing projects

(3) Incubating solutions: utilizing ICT to support the setup of new projects, services, etc. in developing countries


PhotoAs part of the business startup support activity of ICT Private Sector Development & Policy Development Support in Rwanda, JICA supports setting up the country's first fabrication laboratory (Fab Lab), a type of workshop equipped with a range of digital fabrication tools, such as 3-D printers and laser cutters, to make "almost everything."


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