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In developing countries, the poor state of transportation infrastructure, including roads, railways, ports, and airports, has impeded attainment of both economic growth and poverty alleviation. Development of transportation infrastructure is indispensable to make economic growth sustainable, facilitating the efficient movement of people and goods.

The demand for transportation infrastructure is high worldwide. The need to maintain, repair, and upgrade aging structures is ever-growing. Securing funding is a big challenge for a government because infrastructure projects require significant amounts of financing. Public funds are limited and are far from sufficient to fulfill all infrastructure development needs. To fill the financing gap, other funding sources, including private capital, need to be tapped to ensure efficient and sustained transportation services.

Furthermore, it is also important to contribute to partner countries' efforts to address environmental challenges, like greenhouse gas emissions reduction and air quality improvement, by reducing traffic congestion through introduction of public transportation and also by improving logistics through alternative transportation modes like railways.


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