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Lineup of JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Group and Region Focus)

The program details, such as the curriculum, implementing period are subject to change as they are the information at the time of planning.

Outline of Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Group and Region Focus)

Please click program title to see the outline.

Sector: Rural Development

Global Issues
Sector / Sub-sector
Program Title Course No. JICA Center Language Target Organization / Group
Rural Development / Rural Infrastructure Development Integrated Agriculture and Rural Development through the Participation of Local Farmers (PDF/239KB) (A)201984722 - J002 / (B)201984723 - J002 / (C)201984940 - J002 (A)JICA Tsukuba (Training)
(B)JICA Hokkaido (Sapporo)
(C)JICA Hokkaido (Sapporo)
(A)English / (B)French / (C)French Target Organization
Institution for agricultural / rural development (central/local government, private-sector, research institute, NGO)

Target Group
•Be involved in planning and implementation of community-based agricultural and rural development activities
•Experience(have more than 5 years’ professional experience)
•be a graduate of university or equivalent.
Rural Development / Rural Living Environment Condition Inprovement Empowerment of Rural Women (PDF/335KB) 201984717 - J002 JICA Tsukuba (Training) English Target Organization
Central Government, branch offices of Central Government, Local Government, or NGOs

Target Group
1. Extension officer and Subject Matter Specialist for rural women in life improvement, agriculture, or community development, or officer in charge of gender and women empowerment
2. Over 3 years' experience in the relevant field
3. Up to 45 years old
Rural Development / Rural Living Environment Condition Inprovement Life Improvement Approach for Sustainable Rural Development in Latin America Extension and Extension Training Methods (PDF/244KB) 201984719 - J002 JICA Tsukuba (Training) Spanish Target Organization
Central/local government organization, NGO, etc. in charge of rural development in the respective country

Target Group
1. Those who are recommended by the goverment
2. Those who are in charge of rural development policy / planning / extension planning in the field of rural development area.
3. At least 3 years of experience in the related field.
4. To be university graduates or have the equivalent academic background.
5. The age between 30 and 45 years old
6. Must be in good health both physically and mentally, and pregnant woman is not acceptable.
Rural Development / Rural Living Environment Condition Inprovement Nutrition Improvement through Agriculture (PDF/240KB) (A)201984920 - J002 / (B)201984957 - J002 (A)JICA Tsukuba (Training)
(B)JICA Tsukuba (Training)
(A)English / (B)French Target Organization
Central and local government agencies involved in nutrition improvement through agriculture and rural development

Target Group
1) Officials of national or local government agencies who are involved in policy making for nutrition improvement through agriculture or rural development
2) Relevant experience: have more than 2 years’experience
3) Age: preferably 30-45 years old


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