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Guidelines for Employment of Consultants under JBIC ODA Loans


(The Terms of Reference shall include the items mentioned below. The relevance of an item will depend on the nature of the project.)

1. Project Information

  • (1) Background information -- history of the project's evolution and the reason(s) why it is necessary to implement the project.
  • (2) Location of the project and information on the surrounding area.
  • (3) Stage reached in the project's preparation and summary of the findings of studies to date.
  • (4) Implementing organization.
  • (5) Details of the major problem areas.

2. Other Relevant Information

  • (1) Technical information -- availability of relevant basic data, technical standards or specifications to be used, etc.
  • (2) Relevant laws and regulations.
  • (3) Related projects

3. General Terms of Reference

  • (1) Objectives
  • (2) Scope of consulting services -- Categories of consulting services to be provided, nature of consulting work (the latter in detail, including equipment and materials to be supplied by the consultant). In the case of projects classified as Category A or Category B in accordance with JBIC Environmental Guidelines for ODA Loans, consulting services related to environmental consideration, such as those described in Section 2.01, shall be included in the scope.
  • (3) Nature of and limit to the responsibilities which the consultant is to assume.
  • (4) Estimated time required to complete a) the project, b) the consulting work; number and qualifications of experts; man-months as estimated by the Borrower for budget purposes.
  • (5) Scope, number, type and frequency of the reports to be presented by the consultant.
  • (6) Other necessary provisions regarding the obligations between the Borrower and the consultant which are stipulated in Guidelines for the Employment of Consultants under JBIC ODA Loans (e.g. Section 2.02(3), Section 2.07).

4. Specific Terms of Reference

  • (1) Methodological details relating to the consulting services mentioned above.
  • (2) Provision for the review of previous studies and for possible additional studies.

5.Services and Facilities to be provided by the Borrower


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