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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2003


Overview of the JICA Annual Report 2003

Feature : New JICA

Part I ODA and JICA Programs

Chapter 1: Topics in JICA Programs (PDF/401KB)

  • 1.Water Issues and International Cooperation
  • 2.New Threat of Infectious Diseases
  • 3.Current Support for Social Infrastructure

Chapter 2: Japan's ODA and an Overview of JICA Programs (PDF/598KB)

  • 1.ODA and JICA
  • 2.Statistical Overview of JICA Activities

Part II JICA's Regional Activities

Chapter 1: Asia

Chapter 2: Middle East

Chapter 3: Africa (PDF/377KB)

Chapter 4: Latin America

Chapter 5: Oceania (PDF/252KB)

Chapter 6: Europe (PDF/255KB)

Part III Outline of JICA Activities

Chapter 1: Identification, Formulation and Planning

  • 1.Identification and Formulation of Projects (PDF/614KB)
  • 2.Coordination among Donors (PDF/194KB)

Chapter 2: Program Implementation

Chapter 3: Evaluation and Follow-up

Chapter 4: Strengthening the Foundations of Program Implementation

  • 1.Research (PDF/497KB)
  • 2.Recruitment and Training of Technical Cooperation Experts (PDF/172KB)
  • 3.Support for Activities of Experts (PDF/130KB)
  • 4.Security Measures and Crisis Management (PDF/148KB)
  • 5.Information Disclosure and Publicity (PDF/212KB)
  • 6.Support for Development Education (PDF/187KB)

Part IV Fiscal 2001 Results

Chapter 1: Statistics on Program Results (PDF/350KB)

  • Interpreting the Statistics
  • Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Type and Program
  • Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Region
  • Performance of JICA's Technical Cooperation and Japan's ODA by Country

Chapter 2: Projects Implemented in FY 2002 (PDF/168KB)

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