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Annual Reports

Short Articles


  • JICA Regional Seminar on Tsunami Early Warning Systems
    Responding to the Threat of Tsunami: Training Participated by 11 Countries
  • Human Security Photo Report 1
    Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Program in Zambia
  • Human Security Photo Report 2
    Development through Empowerment of Rural Communities in Zambia Initiative Areas

Front Line

PhilippinesSupport Package for Peace and Stability in Mindanao
Hope for People Who Suffer from Conflicts
ThailandAsia-Pacific Development Center on Disability
From Thailand to the Region-Social Development by the Disabled
MongoliaFourth Thermal Power Station in Ulaanbaatar
Great Contribution to the Industrial Promotion and Improvement of Citizens’ Lives
UzbekistanComputer Course for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Persons
Empowering Deaf and Hearing Impaired Persons
TurkeyProject on Energy Conservation
Transmit Energy Conservation Technology from Turkey to Peripheral Areas
IndiaSupporting Women’s Self-help Groups
Promote Sales of Products Directly from Producers to Consumers and Help Women’s Self-reliance
Sri LankaSupport Activities for Tsunami Victims in the South
People in the Disaster Area Smile Again
EgyptTraining for Iraq in Medical Care
Japan and Egypt Cooperate in Supporting Human Development in Iraq
GhanaRural and Health Improvement Project
Aiming for Comprehensive Improvements in Regional Living Standards
JamaicaPC Maintenance by JOCV in Computer Engineering
Aiming for a Model Case of IT Education
BrazilProject to Strengthen Community Health Service in Amazon Brazil
Improve Health of Forest Guardians to Protect the Amazon
FijiCapacity Strengthening for Environmental Impact Assessment Officers
Seeking Coexistence of Development and Environment
Former Yugoslavia RegionSupport for Digital Map Making
Compile Geographic Information as the Basis of Nation-building
Bosnia and HerzegovinaAid Coordination Project
Building a Support System with the Cooperation of Every Ethnic Group
TanzaniaManagement Skills Training for Ward and Village Executive Officers
Strengthening the Role and Capacity of Local Governments
BhutanProject for Expanding Subscribers’ Line Network and Human Development
Self-sustaining Development of Communications Infrastructure
Viet NamTraffic Safety Promotion Program
Promoting Traffic Safety with Intersection Control and Change in Awareness
MalaysiaTransfer of Wheelchair Production Technology and Workshop to Spread Wheelchair Basketball
Aiming for the Independence and Full Participation in Society of Disabled Persons in Wheelchairs
Institute for International CooperationStudy Group on Future Direction for Cooperation to Developing Countries in the Solid Waste Sector
As a Guidepost for More Effective Cooperation
BoliviaProject for Development of Coffee Cultures as Agricultural Alternatives
Technical Guidance by a Japanese-Brazilian Expert Bears Fruit
ThailandProject for Technical Strengthening of the National Institute of Metrology
Technology Transfer of an Internationally Recognized Metrology System
JordanTourism Development through Museum Activities
Development of Tourism Resources Centered on Museums
HondurasThe Project for the Promotion of Self Management Enterprise of Women in Rural Areas
Support for Ceramic Production Using Local Resources

Case Study

  • HIV/AIDS Control Program in Tanzania
  • The Upgrading IT Education Project (Information Technology Bridging Course) in Laos
  • The Project for Strengthening Training Capacity for Technical Workers in the Hanoi Industrial College in Viet Nam
  • Technical Cooperation Programme for Bornean Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation in Sabah, Malaysia
  • The Sino-Japan Friendship Center for Environmental Protection Project
  • Project of Safe Water and Support of Community’s Activities in Senegal
  • Project for the Eradication of Opium Poppy Cultivation and Poverty Reduction in Kokang Special Region No. 1
  • The Capacity Building and Development for Smallholder Irrigation Schemes in Malawi
  • The Project for Shellfish Aquaculture Development in El Salvador

Tables and Figures

Table aJDR-dispatched Areas and Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Assistance
Table bSeven Principles of Human Security
Table cReview by Block toward Restructuring Domestic Offices
Figure 1-1Economic Cooperation and Official Development Assistance
Table 1-2Total Government ODA Budget (General Account)
Table 1-3The ODA Budgets of Ministries and Agencies (General Account)
Table 1-4Japan’s ODA Budget and JICA’s Technical Cooperation (DAC Base)
Table 1-5Japan’s ODA in Calendar Year 2004 (According to Aid Type, Provisional Values)
Table 1-6ODA of DAC Countries in 2003 and 2004
Table 1-7Japan’s ODA and JICA Activities
Figure 1-8Changes in JICA’s Budget
Figure 1-9Expenditure by Region
Figure 1-10Expenditure by Sector
Figure 1-11Changes in the Number of Personnel by Type of Cooperation
Figure 1-12Program Expenses and Ratios (FY 2004)
Figure 1-13Total Program Expenses and Ratios
Figure 3-1Eight MDGs and Targets
Figure 3-2JICA’s Approach to the MDGs
Table 3-3Proportion of MDGs-related Fields in JICA Projects
Figure 3-4JICA’s Cooperation Programs and MDGs
Figure 3-5Performance of JICA’s Cooperation in the Education Field
Figure 3-6Conceptual Diagram of Issues in the Higher Education, Technical Education and Training Fields
Figure 3-7Concept of JICA’s Cooperation in Natural Environment Conservation
Figure 3-8Three Types of Focused Regions and Major Activities
Figure 3-9Development Strategy Goals in Agricultural and Rural Development and Viewpoints and Purpose of Cooperation
Figure 3-10JICA’s Project Cycle and Evaluation
Table 3-11Perspectives of Five Evaluation Criteria
Figure 3-12JICA’s Evaluation System
Table 4-1Outline of JICA Operations
Table 4-2Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Type and Program
Table 4-3Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Region / 1 Asia
Table 4-4Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Region / 2 Middle East
Table 4-5Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Region / 3 Africa
Table 4-6Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Region / 4 North America and Latin America
Table 4-7Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Region / 5 Oceania
Table 4-8Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Region / 6 Europe
Table 4-9Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Region / 7 International organizations
Table 4-10Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Region / 8 Unclassified
Table 4-11Numbers of Persons Involved in Technical Cooperation by Region / 9 Worldwide (Total)
Table 4-12Performance of JICA’s Technical Cooperation and Japan’s ODA by Country / 1 Asia
Table 4-13Performance of JICA’s Technical Cooperation and Japan’s ODA by Country/ 2 Middle East
Table 4-14Performance of JICA’s Technical Cooperation and Japan’s ODA by Country / 3 Africa
Table 4-15Performance of JICA’s Technical Cooperation and Japan’s ODA by Country / 4 North America and Latin America
Table 4-16Performance of JICA’s Technical Cooperation and Japan’s ODA by Country / 5 Oceania
Table 4-17Performance of JICA’s Technical Cooperation and Japan’s ODA by Country / 6 Europe
Figure 5-1FY 2005 Organization Chart
Table 5-2Fiscal 2005 Budget
Table 5-3Balance Sheet
Table 5-4Income Statement
Table 5-5Cash Flow Statement
Table 5-6Schedule Concerning Profit Appropriation
Table 5-7Administrative Service Operation Cost Statement


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