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September 30, 2013

Unabated Promise
Japan Hands over Fertilizer Grant to Ethiopia

In a ceremony held on September 30/2013 at the Ethiopian Agricultural Inputs Supply Enterprise ware house the Government of Japan Handed over 9200 MT of Urea fertilizer to the Government of Ethiopia procured at a cost of 490 million Japanese Yen (105 million Ethiopian Birr).

The grant agreement which is under the Japan's grant-in-aid scheme for the food security program of underprivileged farmers better known as KRII; was signed on December 25/2012 between H.E. Mr. Hiroyuki Kishino Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia and H.E. Mr. Ahmed Shide State Minister of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development of the Government of Ethiopia. The implementation of the agreement was handled by JICA and JICS in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Inputs Supply Enterprise and respective Government Offices. As a result the procurement and shipment of the fertilizer has been completed in due time and the consignment handed over to H.E. Mr. Wondirad Mandefro, State Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture by H.E. Mr. Hirouki Kishino, Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia at the AISE Warehouse.

PhotoH.E. Ambassador Hiroyuki Kishino exchange the fertilizer Grant Agreement Note with H.E. Mr. Ahmed Shide December 25/2012

Photo H.E. Ambassador Hiroyuki Kishino handing-over the fertilizer grant to H.E. Mr. Wondirad Mandefro September 30/2013

In acknowledging Japan's unabated promise and regular delivery of the grant, H.E. Mr. Wondirad Mandefro thanked the People and the Government of Japan. He also thanked JICA, JICS and the other stakeholders for their support in timely implementation of the scheme. To ensure food security and food self-sufficiency, the contribution of the scheme will be remarkable and the GoE will also assist the beneficiary farmers through its extension system to increase the agricultural production of small holder farmers especially of the under-privileged farmers.

In his part, H.E. Ambassador Hiroyuki Kishino explained that Agriculture is one of the priority sectors in Japan's ODA policy towards Ethiopia and the Government of Japan will continue its support to the smallholder farmers so that they can improve productivity of agriculture.

This Japan's grant-in-aid scheme (KRII) has been started since 1985. Currently the total amount of the grant through this scheme has reached about 16.1 Billion Yen which is equivalent to 3.085 Billion ETB at the current exchange rate.


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