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October 24, 2017

JICA Chief Representative observed SMASEE scaling up activities by Ministry of Education

Mr. Ken Yamada, Chief Representative of JICA Ethiopia Office made a one day visit to Debre Berhan Teachers Training College On October 24, 2017, where Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education in Ethiopia (SMASEE) INSET training is conducted by Mathematics and Science Improvement Center of Ministry of Education. The training is part and parcel of follow-up activities of JICA's completed SMASEE project with the view of scaling up INSET Model nationwide by utilizing the existing system and financial resources of Ethiopian side.

Four hundred and twenty Science and Mathematics teachers representing schools from different area of Ethiopia are currently taking SMASEE INSET training from October 16, 2017 to November 3, 2017 in three groups with the view of further cascading the model at the cluster and school level in Ethiopia. The trainees, who took Training of Trainers (TOT), are also scheduled to provide training right after the TOT for their fellow teachers at the regional, cluster and school level.

PhotoMr. YAMADA observes TOT training

PhotoPractical training for Teachers

The contents of the training mainly focus hands on and laboratory activities in Science and mathematics education for Grade 7 and 8. Details of training are also being provided among others on; active learning, class room assessment, improvisation (preparation and use of teaching and learning materials from locally available resources).

The training cession also exposed the trainees to have practical laboratory activities for science education and hands on activities for science and mathematics subjects respectively. Lesson planning and lesson studies practices are also conducted in the training session. The trainers also got an opportunity of lesson study practice in the nearby schools in front of students as part of actualization.

Ms. Azeb Belachew, who is a biology teacher in elementary school in Desie town in Amhara Region, has attended the second group training. The trainee said that she found the training very helpful to improve the quality of science and mathematics education. She further explained that she had a 15 years teaching experience in mathematics and science education in elementary schools, however; she had always difficulties to teach her student's hands on activities partly because there is no teaching aid in the class room. She said "thanks to SMASEE INSET training, I can be able to prepare teaching and learning materials from locally available resources that would help students to learn mathematics and science practically".

Ms. Yealem Tibeb, a chemistry teacher from East Gojam underlined that the INSET training was quite relevant for her in acquiring a skill on how to conduct active learning in the class room through improving the lesson plan and the lesson study. The trainee said "Up on return to my duty, I am looking forward to give training for my colleagues in the cluster and schools through the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program".

During the visit Mr. Yamada along with Mr. Belayneh, Head of Science and Mathematics Improvement Center of MOE encourage National Trainers to do their level best in providing quality and practical training for in-service teachers so as to improve the quality of education in science and mathematics in Ethiopia.


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