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Press Release

October 18, 2013

JICA and GSE agree to commence the first Geothermal Energy Development Master Plan

PhotoJICA project team holding meeting with GSE representative

ADDIS ABABA – The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) held minutes of meeting with Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE) on the execution of the 18-months project to Formulate Master Plan on the Development of Geothermal Energy based on the agreement signed between JICA and the Ethiopian government in April 2013.

During the meeting, it was reiterated that the aim of the project is to conduct potential analysis in 18 sites, and 15 sites for prioritization analysis out of the 18 according to the set criteria to produce a Geothermal Master Plan for Ethiopia. This cooperation was also said to contribute to capacity development of GSE.

Mr. Takahashi Shinya, the project team leader representing JICA, said the Ethiopian Government officially requested the government of Japan for the development of Geothermal Master Plan and as a result Japanese Government dispatched experts in Ethiopia for preliminary survey. He added that the agreement does not only focus on Master Plan development but also in skill and technology transfer by training Ethiopian counterparts at home and abroad. Hence four experts from GSE will be trained in Japan for one month as part of the project, Shinya noted. He further added that this Master Plan development is the first of its kind in Ethiopia and vital to generate additional electric power for the country. He indicated that the survey includes reviewing the existing information so as to embrace it in the Master Plan.

This project is believed to have significant contribution to increase the generation of power, which helps to attain the Growth and Transformation Plan /GTP/ the Ethiopia government is striving to achieve to fulfill energy demand of the country and its strive to promote green energy.

Mr. Solomon Kebede, Director of Geothermal Resources Exploration and Assessment Directorate of GSE on his part said this project is of paramount importance to know how much potential Ethiopia has regarding the geothermal energy. He further noted that different studies have previously been conducted but they were not coordinated and scientifically analyzed. Besides, the earlier studies failed to indicate ways of prioritizing the sites according to their potential.

In the course of the meeting, it was understood Ethiopia will make earlier researches available for the Japanese experts and provides the necessary inputs for the survey to be undertaken. This project is believed from the Ethiopian side to convey technological and skill transfer besides bringing concerted efforts of both governments.

During the meeting, both parties agreed to avoid duplication of effort and to further identify issues valid to enhance the project outputs. Although some challenges may be faced in the process, both parties reached at consensus to continue the project with joint cooperation and teamwork.

Addis Ababa


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