Gabon is blessed with mineral resources such as petroleum, manganese and iron, as well as high-quality forest resources. In 2010, the petroleum industry accounted for 46.4 percent of the GDP, giving Gabon one of the highest income levels among African countries. However, it is predicted that the petroleum will be depleted in the mid-term, and so the government is aiming to create an economy free of dependence on petroleum. The Government tries to advance the diversification of the economy under the three strategic pillars: "Industrial Gabon", "Green Gabon", and "Gabon of Services", by promoting fishing, agriculture, forestry, tourism, service and other industries. Aligned with these efforts, JICA's support to Gabon is primarily focused on 1) fisheries and 2) environmental conservation.

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Boulevard du Bord de Mer, Quartier Batterie IV, NO.27 Immeuble Malaika, GABON
(JOCV Gabon Office B.P.456 Libreville, Gabon)

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