As a marine and land transportation gateway to Europe for the Central Asia and the South Caucasus countries — a region with a population of roughly 4 million people— Georgia occupies a key geographical location. Georgia has US $3650 (2014) GDP per capita and joining in the middle income countries. The country faces problems such as IDP (Internally Displaced Persons). Around 230,000 people were displaced in the unrest time in the early 1990s. And 20,000 or so more left their homes following the 2008 war with neighboring country. Still many of them live in limbo, encouraged by the government to believe in the imminent prospect of return to the breakaway in northern regions. Foreign donors including JICA have lined up in support. $4.5 billion (Japan itself as $200 million) pledged to help rebuild the country at a conference in October 2008, a good chunk has been devoted to meeting the needs of the displaced. Most has been spent through the government. Although the country is more industrialized than the other countries in the region, agriculture is still one of the main industries, where 52% of countries labor forces are involved. JICA's support to Georgia is primarily focused on GoG's (Government of Georgia) needs and works on priority areas such as: a) agriculture, b) improvement of infrastructures, c) healthcare and medical services, d) decentralization and regional development.

JICA's cooperation with Georgia started from 1995, soon after its independence and establishment of the diplomatic relations with Japan (March 8, 1992). In 2012, 20th anniversary of the relation marked in Georgia and significant achievements during two decades were celebrated. In this period JICA engaged in key sectors in of Georgia's economy such as: Energy, Health, Human Resource Development, Economic Infrastructure and Environment. JICA implemented various grant and loan projects: Power Rehabilitation Project in 1998 when the country was in urgent need of repair HPPs (Hydroelectric Power Plant) to meet increasing electricity demand. With the scheme of the Technical Assistance of JICA is arranging training programs for Georgian specialists in Japan and dispatching Japanese experts to Georgia. By its Loan and Grant Assistance of JICA supports to the country in the East-West Highway Improvement Project and Clean Energy by Solar Electricity Generation System.

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