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Employment Opportunities

Job Vacancy for an Administrative Officer in the General Affairs Section

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is an Incorporated Administrative Agency of Japan which implements Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA) to developing countries. JICA has been cooperating with Ghana for more than 50 years and its programs and projects for the health, education, agriculture, private, infrastructure and governance sectors.

JICA Ghana Office is now seeking qualified and experienced staff as follows:


Administrative Officer in the General Affairs Section, One (1) person

Job Description

1. General Affairs

  1. To liaise and coordinate with the Ministries and Government institutions, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Embassies of related countries, Ghana Police Service, Ghana Revenue Authority, Ghana Airports Company Limited, DVLA, the legal office contracted with JICA Ghana Office etc. on the matters related to general affairs (Visa, Resident Permits, Security, Customs, Airport pass, Driver's License etc.)
  2. To liaise and coordinate with the companies which have contract with or have relationship with JICA Ghana Office particularly on the matters related to general affairs
  3. To conduct works related to the management of office building including the coordination with the landlord as well as the building management company
  4. To search and identify potential companies which have enough capacity for executing various contracts with JICA Ghana Office
  5. To supply and to maintain equipment (copy machines, printers etc), stationaries and telephones related to JICA Ghana Office
  6. To support necessary arrangements, payments, coordination etc. for Japanese volunteers (including the arrangements for the volunteers' dormitory)
  7. To arrange and prepare the office-wide meetings and events
  8. To carry out other works related to general affairs and administration that need to be conducted by the request of the staff.

2. Tax

  1. To research and collect most updated information, particularly on Value Added Tax, Income Tax and Withholding Tax, and share them with related staff members in JICA Ghana Office.
  2. To submit and obtain the VRPO books at Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) as well as to make inquiries to GRA when needed.

3. Information Collection/Analysis on Safety Management

  1. To collect and analyze the information related to security from newspapers, internet, related organization/institutions etc. in coordination with the Representatives and the Security Advisor of JICA Ghana Office.
  2. To make short reports on the security related information, and to share with the relevant personnel of JICA Ghana under the instruction by the Representatives.
  3. To check the security condition and measures of JICA Ghana Office as well as the premises for the volunteers (General information on the points to be checked will be provided) and to coordinate with the security company to enhance the measures.
  4. To undertake the tasks related to security management in response to the requests by the Representatives, Senior Representatives and the Security Advisor of JICA Ghana Office.

4. Others

  1. To assist other staff for the custom clearance and tax exemption for official use and private use.
  2. To assist other staff for preparation of Airport Pass, Issuing of Visa, ID card, Ghana Driving License, Official Vehicle Registrations etc.
  3. To prepare the necessary draft documents and letters as well as printing and filing official documents related to JICA Ghana Office.
  4. To promote Public Relations on JICA itself and its activities to the Ghanaian public and media
  5. To undertake other tasks requested by the Representatives, Senior Representatives and other JICA staff.

* You may consult with the Representatives if you have any challenges in conducting these tasks.

Employment Period

  • Six (6) months (A probationary period)
  • Renewable upon satisfactory performance

Required Qualifications & Experiences

  • Bachelor or higher degree of Commerce, Economic, Law, Sociology, Education, Business Administration, Public Administration and/or its related sectors
  • Adequate and proper business manner and discipline
  • 5 years Working experience
  • Excellent PC skills, especially in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point for producing business/official documents, letters and reports as well as presentation.

Desirable Qualifications & Experiences

  • Working experience within government ministries and/or private companies in above related sectors

Interested eligible candidates are required to submit the curriculum vitae to the following e-mail address.
Only applications filled in the designated format which can be downloaded from the link below shall be accepted.

The curriculum vitae form:

The Email Address for the submission: jicagn_ga@jica.go.jp
The application will close at 05:00PM on 22nd January, 2019.
After the above mentioned deadline, any application shall not be accepted.

Contact Address:
JICA Ghana Office (Mr. Yamazaki / Ms. Ishizawa)
2nd Floor, the Elizabeth, No. 68A, Senchi Link, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana
Email: jicagn_ga@jica.go.jp
Tel: +233-(0)-30 -2760781/2


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