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Topics & Events

July 3, 2012

Multi Donor budget Support Annual Review and the 2012 Consultative Group Annual Partnership Meeting


JICA Ghana Office participated in the 2012 Multi Donor Budget Support (MDBS) Annual Review and the 2012 Consultative Group (CG) Annual Partnership Meeting on the 18th, 19th and 21st of June, 2012.

MDBS, is the name of Ghana's general budget support for which development partners (DPs), provide financial aid to Ghana's national treasury account. This modality was introduced in Ghana in 2003 and Japan first participated in this cooperation in 2008. Japan grants JPY350,000,000 which is equivalent to an approximate amount of USD 4,416,000 for 2012.

The performance of the government of Ghana (GoG) is monitored by the DPs involved with a monitoring instrument called the PAF, Performance Assessment Framework, which is comprised of some targets consistent with the GoG's development agenda (GSGDA). The major purpose of the MDBS Annual Review meeting was to evaluate the achievement of the PAF and discuss other issues including underlying principles (good governance, macroeconomic issues, etc.) and technical issues (infrastructure, private sector, capacity development, etc.) in order to consider the way forward from a sector-wide perspective.

It was presented that 9 out of 12 targets and 16 out of 20 triggers, a subset of the PAF targets which affect the amount of disbursement of most DPs, were met, meaning that the performance of the GoG in 2011 was relatively good. At the same time, however, various matters such as macroeconomic volatility and employment measures were identified as challenges to Ghana's sound development.


In the presence of the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, the continuous and more productive cooperation between the GoG and DPs, including civil society organisations was reconfirmed, which was announced in a communique at the end of the session. The GoG-DP Compact – a document to reaffirm the current situation and priority of Ghana's development and the issues to be solved together with the GoG and DPs – was also agreed to be signed later.


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