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Topics & Events

September 13, 2013

The Civil Service Training Centre (CSTC): The 3rd Batch of TOT for Sierra Leone and Liberia

The Civil Service Training Centre (CSTC) held the graduation ceremony of the 3rd batch of Training of Trainers (TOT) course for Ethical Leadership for Quality and Productivity Improvement (EL/QPI) programme, on 13th September 2013.

The technical cooperation project for Institutional Capacity Development of the Civil Service Training Centre started in March 2011 for the purpose of enhancing the CTSC's capacity of delivering quality training to the civil and public servants. As one of its activities, through the TOT course the candidates from the participants of EL/QPI training course are selected and trained as facilitators who can teach EL/QPI to civil servants. The TOT course was implemented three times during the project period, and the total 69 civil servants from the three countries were trained as the facilitators.

The EL/QPI and TOT training course were developed jointly by the CSTC and JICA, aiming at enhancing mid-level civil servants' work ethics and the quality and productivity of the public service delivery. Through these project activities, JICA has been bolstering the CSTC to be able to develop and deliver quality training programmes. This unique sub-regional cooperation attempt encouraged the trainees to deepen the understanding about each other's countries and brought a friendship beyond the border, as well as to attain relevant knowledge and skills.

At the graduation ceremony for the 3rd batch of the TOT course, a number of speeches of celebration were made by several people including the Principal of CSTC, Ms. Dora Dei-Tumi, the Assistant Principal, Mr. Evans Habadah, JICA Expert, Ms. Akiko Nishibuchi and JICA Local Consultant (Governance), Ms. Megumi Ando. Trainees promised to duplicate the EL/QPI training in their respective countries and to contribute to its development as Change Agents.

One of the participants of the training course, Mr. Simpson S. Klay Jr. from the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, Liberia stated; participating in EL/QPI and TOT in the CSTC was a great opportunity for him to receive training since such training are not implemented in his country. In this training course, he made an action plan to improve the work standards for job efficiency within the Department of Administration at his organization.

The project will be terminated on March 2014, and the CSTC has applied for the continuous support from the Government of Japan for its further development and improvement of Ghana's public service.

PhotoMany congratulations from the project team, Ms. Nishibuchi (JICA Expert), Ms. Dei-Tumi (CSTC Principal), Mr. Habadah (CSTC Assistant Principal), and Ms. Ando (JICA Local Consultant), in order from the right.

PhotoA trainee (Ms. Woods) from Liberia receiving the certificate from the Principal (on the left).

PhotoThe graduates are expected to be active in their work to boost the development of their countries!

PhotoMr. Klay Jr. answered to the interview.


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