Honduras depends mainly on primary products such as coffee and bananas. In spite of fostering new industries such as tourism and manufacturers to improve the vulnerable economic structure, Honduran industries in rural areas have not progressed significantly. With political disorder caused by a coup d'état in July 2009, deterioration of citizen security and frequent natural disasters such as hurricane are major obstacles to sustainable development. The infant mortality rate remains high, particularly in rural areas, and the completion rate of elementary schools is still low. The GNI per capita of Honduras is 2,070US$(2012:World Bank), and the country is classified as a lower middle income country.JICA's assistance focuses on alleviating socioeconomic disparities toward poverty reduction in rural areas and improving the vulnerable industrial structure, and disaster prevention for the frequent natural disasters.

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JICA Honduras Office
Octavo Nivel, Edificio Corporativo "777", Colonia Las Lomas del Guijarro Sur, Tegucigalpa M.D.C; Honduras, Centro América.
(Apartado Postal No.1752, Tegucigalpa, M.D.C., HONDURAS, Central América)

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