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(Original text: written by Marling AGUILA)

JICA training courses: A road towards an enduring partnership

Sharing the enthusiasm of accepted participants to JICA training courses, is one of the greatest aspects of my job as an officer in charge of Knowledge Co-Creation Programs.

Though the applying process might seem quite tedious for the candidates, it all pays off for those that get to be informed of their acceptance. In Peru, people have always looked up to Japan’s demonstrated development in areas such as science, technology and education. Hence, it is very motivating for a Peruvian officer to be trained in Japan.

Looking always for efficiency, I try to develop a good relationship with each candidate from the very beginning of the process. Therefore, once we meet for their orientation session, there is already a connection that makes it a trustworthy and useful experience. I am aware that the good impact the participant takes from me redounds to the good image that JICA portrays in their institution.

I was fortunate enough to have lived and studied in Japan for five months, so I try to give the course participants important tips for their stay in Japan. They are always full of excitement for all the knowledge that they will acquire and all the learning experiences that await them. Having the pleasure of witnessing the participant’s expectations really motivates me to continue doing my job the best that I can.





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