「Build Back Better(よりよい復興)」と「レジリエンス(回復力)」を教訓に

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研修には、防災意識向上のためにJICAと日本のNPO「SEEDS Asia」がパイロット事業(注)を展開している地域であるセブの教育関係者が主に参加しました。私たちは、災害時の日本の教訓のうち、フィリピンが学ぶことができる点について注目しました。







(注)草の根技術協力事業「セブ州における地域との連携による防災教育の技術移転事業」(実施団体:SEEDS Asia)

(Original text: written by Lara Javier)

Lessons on build back better and resilience

I joined a group of education officials in a study tour to Japan as part of the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s (JICA) effort to promote disaster risk reduction (DRR) education in the Philippines. Throughout our journey, we recorded our observations that have implications for disaster preparedness and response in the Philippines.

Our team, mostly from Cebu’s education community, the pilot site of JICA and Japanese non-profit group SEEDS Asia for a disaster awareness project*, paid attention to Japan’s lessons on disasters that we, Filipinos can learn from.

The study tour was an eye-opener and a moving experience that made me realize we all have a stake on DRR.

Our visit to a Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Park impressed us because it showed us how Japan ensures that people learn from past disasters through memorabilia and simulations of disasters.

When we visited Takatori in Hyogo Prefecture, we saw a perfect model of a disaster resilient community. Disaster response was implemented in a bottom-up approach to plan disaster recovery carefully.

In Tamba City, modern technology and engineering were used to promote disaster resilience.

We learned many things from the study tour but one thing that stood out was that the vital role of self-help and mutual help must not be overlooked.

The Philippines has its own lessons from our past disasters – Bohol earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in 2013 – and just like Japan we can work hand in hand with the community starting from schools to plan for disaster response and recovery. It’s time for us to ensure that the Philippines is truly prepared for any major disaster.

*Project for Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Reduction Education (DRRE) through Cooperation with Local Community in Cebu Province







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