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Activities in India

Urban Environment Management

Yamuna Action Plan Project Phase2

Loan Agreement Date: March 31, 2003
Loan Amount: 13.3 billion yen
Interest(%): 0.75*
Repayment/Deferment Period (Years): 40/10
Executing Agency: National River Conservation Directorate, the Ministry of Environment and Forests
State: Delhi / Uttar Pradesh/Haryana

* JICA actively supports developing countries' efforts to address global issues by applying lower-than-ordinary interest rates to environmental projects.


The Yamuna Action Plan Project Phase II is regarded as the core project under the National River Conservation Plan of Government of India. The project addresses the abatement of severe pollution of the River Yamuna by raising sewage treatment capacity, caused by rapid population growth, industrialization and urbanization in the towns of the river basin, which includes Delhi, the capital of India. Building new and expanding capacity of old sewage treatment plants and laying and rehabilitating sewers will be done to enhance the treatment capacity particularly in Delhi and Agra. These works will lead to improvement of the sanitation conditions for the residents of towns in the river basin. Public participation and awareness activities which are part of the project shall ensure the residents' recognition of the necessity of water quality conservation in the River Yamuna, and would establish linkage between the river conservation and their own living environments.




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