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Activities in India

Conservation of Natural Resources Environment

Haryana Natural Resource Management and Poverty Reduction Project

Loan Agreement Date: March 31, 2004
Loan Amount: 6.28 billion yen
Interest(%): 0.75*
Repayment/Deferment Period (Years): 40/10
Executing Agency: Haryana Forest Department
State: Haryana

* JICA actively supports developing countries' efforts to address global issues by applying lower-than-ordinary interest rates to environmental projects.



Forested areas in Haryana State are declining due to harsh conditions, overgrazing, the expansion of farmland and rapid urbanization. The objective of the Integrated Natural Resource Management and Poverty Reduction Project (INRMPRP) in Haryana is to regenerate the forest through forest resource management activities such as afforestation, watershed protection and soil conservation. This will result in long-term development of nature and society in the region as the standard of living improves for the people who live in and around the forest. Through the INRMPRP in Haryana, community participation afforestation activities are being carried out on land totaling approximately 50 thousand hectares. Additionally, the project aims to reduce poverty by carrying out small-scale infrastructure improvements in villages and provide job training to help residents dependent on the forests for their livelihoods find alternative sources of income. Furthermore, in order to dynamically develop the organizational skills of the Forest Department and the community, various teaching and awareness activities and training are being carried out. In this way, efforts are being made not only for facilitating afforestation activities, but also activities that aim to ensure sustainability for the regenerated forests. As a sub-component of the INRMPRP in Haryana, the Children's Forest Program is being implemented in coordination with a Japanese non-governmental organization, the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA).

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