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October 4, 2010

[IIT-H (DISANET)] Weather data in Hyderabad can be obtained from anywhere in the world! – An automatic weather station (AWS) is set up under SATREPS-DISANET

PhotoAWS set up in IMD by the mission led by Prof. ESAKI, Univ. of Tokyo

Prof. ESAKI Hiroshi, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, Japanese Research Leader for Weather Monitoring Platform (Group 2) of DISANET, led a Japanese research team for Group 2 consisting of Mr. OCHIAI Hideya, University of Tokyo, Mr. YAMANOUCHI Masato, Keio University, and Mr. ISHIBASHI Hisatake, University of Tokyo, then visited to India Meteorological Department (IMD), Hyderabad from 28 September to 3 October. They set up an AWS in IMD to develop a pilot system of monitoring weather information for disaster prevention in efficient manner in India.

An automatic weather station (AWS)

Work under the blazing sun to set up an AWS

DISANET aims at establishing infrastructure for continuous data collection on earthquake and weather with global information network by applying it to India and Japan as example cases and to develop technical bases for rescue and support for restoration and for disaster recovery support. It started from July 2010 as a 5 year joint research and development project between India and Japan. Group 2, led by IMD and Prof. ESAKI is in charge of developing a prototype sensor network to acquire data for weather hazard monitoring. During the mission, both IMD researchers and Japanese research team worked together to set up an AWS in IMD. Japanese research team has been establishing an AWS network covering approximately 80 places in Japan and all over the world. As a result of this mission, basic weather data at IMD was successfully acquired in the existing AWS network (please visit to the Global sensor network: http://live-e2.hongo.wide.ad.jp/globalsensorlist.php).

Through this joint work, Indian and Japanese research teams intensively discussed about the detailed specifications of the forthcoming prototype sensor network and about issues to be sorted out for the future action plan.

Work under the blazing sun to set up an AWS

Indian and Japanese researchers checking the AWS network function altogether.

Visiting to IIT Hyderabad (IIT-H)

Indian and Japanese researchers observing weather sensor at IIT-H temporal campus

By taking this opportunity, IMD researchers and Japanese research team visited to IIT-H, the main research partner of DISANET, as well. They observed the weather monitoring research undertaken at IITH and discussed issues and challenges for implementation of DISANET, together with Indian researchers at IITH led by Prof. Varadaraju, Dean (R&D), IIT-H, who is also the project director of DISANET. Moreover, Prof. EASAKI provided a special lecture to faculties in IITH in terms of Facility and Sensor Network Architecture for Smart City Design with Advanced Internet Technology.

In addition, Prof. ESAKI signed MoU with Ministry of Communication & IT, Government of India for future ICT collaboration in Delhi on the way back to Japan.

Setting up an AWS was one small step for the mission, a giant leap for the progress of the project in future.

Prof. ESAKI providing a special lecture at IIT-H temporal campus

Group photo of Indian and Japanese researchers at IIT-H temporal campus


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