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Topics & Events

January 3, 2019

The 18th Alumni Gathering held in Tehran

The government of Japan and JICA has been in a good relationship with Iran in international cooperation since 1957. It has accepted more than 3,600 Iranian governmental officials to training courses held in Japan through the long history. There is an association for ex-participants in the training courses with more than 600 members. The association holds a gathering once in a year with the support of JICA Iran office both in order to make their old relationship tighter and create a new friendship.

This year, the gathering was held on 19th December, 2018 in Tehran, with the presence of Mr. Ali Ashghar MOHAMMADI, Director-General of Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Mr. Seyed Sadroddin SADRI Nush Abadi, Deputy for Human Capital, Administrative and Recruitment Organization of Iran, Mr. Ari RAZI, President of the JICA Alumni Association, Mr. Toru MORIKAWA, Charge de affairs of the Embassy of Japan, Mr. Hiroki AIZAWA, the Head of Japanese Society in Iran, Mr. Shinya SUGIZAKI, the Head of Japanese media companies in Tehran and Yukiharu KOBAYASHI, Chief Representative of JICA Iran Office, in addition to attendance of around 200 ex-participants.

The gathering ceremony was started by speeches from both Iranian and Japanese officials. Mr. MOHAMMADI said in his speech praising JICA programs that "Experts who have participated in JICA training courses have benefited from valuable knowledge and experience, and these valuable resources certainly help strengthening and deepening the ties between the two countries in various scientific and economic fields". And Mr. Sadri also noted "No doubt, the long history and civilization, the culture and commonalities between the two countries and also the long history of friendly relations between the two nations set a proper ground for continuing mutual technical cooperation, extending mutual relations and benefiting from the capacities of both sides".

Mr. KOBAYASHI also expressed that he believed participation in JICA training courses itself has a lot of benefit, but the continuous relationship after the termination of the courses is also important for both sides. For example, several JICA projects were initiated by the ex-participants. "Your friendship and relationship with us is a good example of JICA's vision i.e "Leading the world with trust". We hope that we can keep such good relationship as shown continuously. " he added. Mr. KOBAYASHI also highlighted this year, 2018, as the 150th anniversary of the MEIJI RESTORATION, which was a turning point from SAMURAI governed society to modern nation-state. He mentioned "In this period, many foreign experts came to Japan, and many young Japanese people went abroad to learn technologies and knowhow, and had contributed to nation building. IWAKURA Mission, which consisted of 107 members of persons of cabinet rank and of young talented ordinary students, was dispatched for more than 1 year period. Its members brought back modern technologies and knowhow for the development of the nation-state. In that process, Japan has kept its own traditions and cultures and, at the same time, pursued its modernization of the country." In the closing part of the speech, he hoped that "having various kinds of knowledge co-creation programs including long-term programs, we would like to invite many hopeful Iranians as much as possible, who can bring back technologies and knowhow of Japan, and contribute to better development of your country".

There were some other activities and contents, including an introduction of the activities in Iran which JICA supports by Mr. Pashai MOHAMMAD, the Head of Mint, and giving Certification of Acknowledgement by Chief Representative of JICA Iran Office to Mr. Abbas VOSOOGH MOGHADDAM for praising his distinctive activities during and after participation in JICA training course in 2016. The participants in the ceremony were not only from Tehran but also from other provinces such as North Khorasan, Golgan, Mazandaran, Esfahan, Markazi and so on. It indicates the closer and broader relationship between Iran and Japan through international cooperation. A man who attended the JICA training course 30 years ago said that he had vivid memories in Japan even now and I learned a lot of things from the courses.

PhotoSpeech by Mr. Yukiharu Yukiharu KOBAYASHI

PhotoSpeech by Mr. Ari RAZI

PhotoCertification of Acknowledgement by Chief Representative of JICA Iran Office to Mr. Abbas VOSOOGH MOGHADDAM


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