Jamaican economy is supported by tourism, mining (bauxite and aluminum), remittance from migrants residing overseas, and the export of traditional products such as sugar and bananas. The GNI per capita of Jamaica is 5140US$(2012:World Bank),and the country is classified as a upper middle income country. However,the economic infrastructure is generally vulnerable, because of the most foods and energy depend on import. Furthermore, Jamaica is heavily impacted by external factors such as the USA and European countries' economic conditions, and trends in international market prices for exporting commodities, and susceptible to hurricanes and other natural disasters. JICA's support to Jamaica focuses on: 1) the environment and disaster risk management (an urban environmental improvement support program), and 2) expansion of employment opportunity and human resource development (program of strengthening productivity of small and medium enterprises).

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8th Floor, Courtleigh Corporate Centre 6, St. Lucia Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica (W.I.)
Mailing Address : P.O.Box 8202, C.S.O., Kingston, Jamaica (W.I.)

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