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June 21, 2017

Report for the "Waste Reduction through Waste Separation, Waste Diversion and Recycling Pilot Project"
- FY2016 Follow-Up Cooperation Program -

Solid Waste Management is an important issue in Jamaica. Since waste is landfilled without any incineration, the site capacity is limited, and the amount of waste is large consisting of many plastic products that are slow to decompose.

Although some recycling activities had been done, it is still necessary for each citizen to bring household garbage to collection sites placed in only several areas of the city.

The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) planned and implemented a pilot project to reduce the amount of waste brought into the landfill site by separating and recycling plastic and other recycled items at the community level.

The NSWMA has sent about 30 members of staff to JICA's Waste Management training in Japan so far, and Mr. Garfield Murray, a senior planning officer of the NSWMA, who had participated in the "Sustainable Solid Waste Management for CARICOM Member States " training held in Okinawa, Japan in 2015, planned and implemented this project by taking advantage of the training results in Japan. JICA cooperated with this project through its Follow-up Cooperation Programme.

First of all, at the end of July in 2016, the project invited waste separation and recycling experts from the Okinawa Citizen Recycling Movement (OCRM) in Japan etc. The OCRM has over 30 years' experience in the field of waste separation and recycling, and currently implements Training Programmes in this field for overseas participants. They gave seminars to NSWMA Board members and officers, Local recyclers, etc. A JICA Volunteer in the environmental education field served as the interpreter.

The second phase involved the implementation of a waste separation and recycling initiative in three (3) large residential communities by the NSWMA with the assistance of local recyclers. The three pilot communities were Caymanas Estates, Caribbean Estate and Rollington Town. For six months thereafter, separation sites were placed in the three communities. The community residents gathered recyclable items such as PET bottles separately from ordinary waste. The NSWMA fleet collected this and carried them to the recycling depot run by a local recycler.

As a result, the reduction of solid waste within the three communities can be directly highlighted by the quantity of recyclables collected under the project or by the resulting collection haulage capacities that are being achieved presently. Approximately 120 tons of recyclable material such as PET bottles were collected during the project, most of which were diverted to the Recycling Partners of Jamaica Facility. This equates to about 2 tons of materials per trip, of which the majority was PET bottles. These were separated to local recyclers instead of being carried to the dumping site. This effort was driven by a strong public education campaign in which all stakeholders would benefit. This achievement was acknowledged by the government, and the project may be continued and expanded to 30 large additional communities through their own budget.

It also became clear that there was a shortage of collection trucks, so two tipper trucks were donated by the Japanese government through the Embassy.

A promotional video, outlining the objectives of the project and its implementation, was produced and inserted into the "Jamaica Magazine" programme of the Jamaica Information Service. The collection scenery, community residents' representatives, waste officials and JICA Resident Representative's comments were aired 40 times in major TV channels over a 4 month period.

PhotoLecturer, Mr. Hiroshi Kogachi, President of Okinawa Citizen Recycling Movement(right)and interpreter, Mr. Teppei Sato, JICA Volunteer in Environmental Education (left)

PhotoSeminar for the NSWMA Board members
The Ambassador, H.E. Masanori Nakano (second from left) and Ms. Dennis Chung, Chairman of the NSWMA (second from right)

PhotoLecturer, Mr. Keisuke Wakita, Vice President of Chubu Citizen Recycling Movement

PhotoSeminar for the NSWMA Staff members

PhotoNSWMA's Senior Planner delivering presentation at a pilot community, the Rollington Town Community Meeting

PhotoCollection of PET Bottles by MPM Crew under the NSWMA

PhotoPET Bottles are weighed before being loaded unto the truck by MPM Crew

PhotoCollected recyclable material being deposited at RPJL Depot on Lyndurst Road.

PhotoReception at the Japanese Ambassador's residence to encourage the Project team, ex-participants of the JICA Training in waste management, and Garbie-Walkie coordinators (Garbie-Walkie is garbage picking activity by Japanese and Jamaican volunteers)

PhotoSpeech by Mr. Denzil Thorpe, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Local Government and Community Development at the Closing Ceremony

PhotoHand-over Ceremony of Tipper Trucks granted by the Government of Japan


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