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GDN Twelfth Annual Conference (Bogota)

The Twelfth Global Development Conference was held from January 13 to 15, 2011 in Bogota, Colombia under the theme of "Financing Development in a Post-Crisis World: The Need For a Fresh Look".

To look into the main theme from various angles, six plenary sessions were held, covering such topics as "Financing Development in a Post-crisis World: The New Agenda" and "Financial Sector Development and Domestic Resource Mobilization." A total of 18 parallel sessions were also organized, taking up themes including micro-credits and overseas workers' remittances.

GDN-Japan and the East Asian Development Network (EADN) jointly held a parallel session on "Diversifcation of Development Finance in Asia." It has become increasingly diffcult for most donor counties, which are trying to recover from the fnancial crisis, to deliver suffcient aid to developing countries. As continuous aid is required for poverty reduction in the area, fnding alternatives to fll the lack of fund is essential. By focusing on the trends of development aid in post-crisis Asian countries, this parallel session aimed to analyze and study the impact of such activities and explore possible policy recommendations for donor countries.

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