Topical and Sectoral Studies

The History of Japan's Educational Development
What implications can be drawn for developing countries today (March 2004)

Institute for International Cooperation
Japan International Cooperation Agency


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This study report summarizes the path that modern Japan took and its diverse development experience in the field of educational development. Furthermore, the possibility of applying this experience in developing countries is carefully examined.

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At the beginning of the Meiji Era (1868-1912) Japan encountered many of the same difficulties that developing countries are now facing in the introduction of modern education. However, Japan achieved universal primary education in a relatively short period. This study report summarizes Japan's experience in the development of education comprehensively and systematically from the perspective of educational development in developing countries. In particular, the focus is on how to apply Japan's experience in educational development in developing countries and the points that need to be considered in its practical application.


Foreword, Table of Contents, Terminology, Overview, Introduction (PDF/368KB)
Part I. Overview of the History of Japan's Education (PDF/188KB)
Part II. Japan's Educational Experience (PDF/976KB)
Part III. Toward the Application of Japan's Educational Experience to Developing Countries (PDF/220KB)
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