JICA Research Institute



Deputy DirectorFull-time

Educational Background

MA (Economics), Tsukuba University, March 1990
BA (Political Science), Waseda University, March 1985

Career Background

Japan International Cooperation Agency
Chief Representative, JICA Vietnam Office
Director General, Credit Risk Analysis and Environmental Review Department
Senior Research Fellow, JICA Research Institute

Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund, Japan, and Japan Bank for International Cooperation (in charge of Philippines and Oceania, Africa, research, etc.; and overseas assignment in Manila and Dhaka)

Associate Economist/Planner, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Consultant (urban and regional planning), Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

Major Publications

JICA Research Institute Working Papers
Fujita, Yasuo. 2017. Does a Rural Road Improvement Project Contribute to Inclusive Growth? – A Case Study from Bangladesh. JICA-RI Working Paper No. 138.

Fujita,Yasuo and Asami Takeda. 2014. Effects of Transport Corridor Development on Firms’ Locational Choice and Firms’ Perception of Business Environment: A Preliminary Analysis of Transport Corridor in Mozambique. JICA-RI Working Paper No. 74.

Fujita, Yasuo. 2012. Policy Challenges for Infrastructure Development in Asian LICs: Lessons from the Region. JICA-RI Working Paper No. 40.

Fujita,Yasuo. 2011. What Makes the Bangladesh Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) So Effective? — Complementarity Between LGED Capacity and Donor Capacity Development Support — JICA-RI Working Paper No. 27.

Book Chapters
Fujita, Yasuo, Ippei Tsuruga, and Asami Takeda. 2013. Policy Challenges for Infrastructure Development in Africa – The way forward for Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) (Chapter 7, Kato, Yoshizawa, Makino et al. 2013. For Inclusive and Dynamic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa. JICA Research Institute)

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