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Research FellowFull-time

Educational Background

PhD (Agricultural and Resource Economics), University of Tokyo, 2014
Master (International and Development Economics), Australian National University, 2007

Career Background

Adjunct Lecturer (microeconomics), Hitotsubashi University
Adjunct Lecturer (microeconomics), Temple University Japan Campus
Adjunct Lecturer (development economics), Gakushuin University
Project consultant, Asian Development Bank Institute
Post-doctoral fellow, University of Tokyo
Research associate, Asian Development Bank Institute

Major Publications

Murakami, E., Yamada, E., and Sioson, E. (2019) “The Impact of Migration and Remittances on Labor Supply in Tajikistan”, JICA Research Institute working paper 181, Tokyo:
JICA Research Institute.

Yamada, E., Sioson, E., Murakami, E., and Murata, A. (2019) “No Women Left Excluded from Financial Services”, in Kharas, H., McArthur, J. W., and Ohno, I., (eds) Leave
No One Behind: Time for Specifics on the Sustainable Development Goals
, pp149-168, Brookings Institution Press, Washington, D.C.

Murakami, E. (2019) “International Migration Effects on School Enrolment of Children Staying Behind: The Evidence from Tajikistan” ADBI Working Paper 969,
Tokyo: Asian Development Bank Institute.

Murakami, E. (2017). Household Consumption Risk and Coping Strategies in Tajikistan: Evidence from Household Surveys, ADBI Working Paper 738,
Tokyo: Asian Development Bank Institute.

Murakami, E. (2014). Impact of Trade Liberalization on Growth and Poverty: The Case of Mongolia, Journal of Rural Economics, Special Issue 2013, pp. 49-56.

Murakami, E. (2013). Efficiency and Productivity of the Mongolian Livestock Sector in an Open Economy, Economics Bulletin, 33(4), pp. 2617-2626.

Murakami, E. (2012). Agricultural Growth Linkages: A Social Accounting Matrix Analysis for Mongolia, Journal of Rural Economics, Special Issue 2012, pp. 426-433.


Japanese Association of Development Economics
The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan
Asia and the Pacific Policy Society


[Competitive research funds]
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists 2019–2022, Project name: “The impact of financial literacy on remittance decisions in transnational households: The case of Mongolian migrants in Japan”.

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