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OKUDA, Hidenobu

Visiting FellowPart-time

Educational Background

BA (Economics), Hitotsubashi University, March 1980
MA (Economics), Hitotsubashi University, March 1982
Ph.D. (Economics), University of Minnesota, December 1989

Career Background

Economist, Export-Import Bank of Japan, April 1989-March 1991
Lecturer, Hitotsubashi University, April 1991-March 1994
Assistant Professor, Hitotsubashi University, April 1994-December 1999
Professor, Hitotsubashi University, January 2000-present
Visiting Fellow, Philippine Institute for Development Studies, October 2002-March 2003
Professor, Department of Economics, Teikyo University , April 2020-

Major Publications

Okuda, H. and D. Aiba: “Determinants of Operational Efficiency and TFP Change of Major Cambodian Financial Institutions: A Data Envelopment Analysis during 2006-2013,” Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 52(6), pp.1455-147, 2016.
Okuda, H. and Lai Thi Phuong Nhung: “Effects of state ownership on companies' capital structure and profitability: Estimation analysis before and after the Lehman shock,” Journal of Asian Economics, 38(1), pp.64-78, 2015.
Okuda, H. and Suvadee Rungsomboon "Comparative Cost Study of Foreign and Thai Domestic Banks 1990–2002: Estimating Cost Functions of the Thai Banking Industry,” Journal of Asian Economics, 17(4), pp.714-737, 2006.
Okuda, H and H. Hashimoto, “Estimation of Cost Functions of Malaysian Commercial Banks: The Differential Effects of Size, Location, and Ownership,” The Asian Economic Journal, 18(3), pp.233-260, 2004.
Okuda, H.: “Financial Factors in Economic Development: A Case Study of the Financial Liberalization Policy in the Philippines,” The Developing Economies, 28(3), pp.240-270, 1990.


Japan Society of Monetary Economics
East Asian Economic Association
Japan Association of Asian Study


Assistant editor, Asian Economic Journal, 2005-2014
Assistant editor, Japanese Journal of Monetary and Financial Economics, 2013-2018

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