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Visiting ScholarPart-time

Educational Background

Ph.D. (Agricultural and Resource Economics), University of California, Davis, June 2008
Master of International Studies, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, March 2002
BA (Literature), Waseda University, March 1997

Career Background

Visiting Scholar, JICA Research Institute, November 2015-present
Associate Professor, University of Tokyo, September, 2015-present
Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo, April 2012-August, 2015
Assistant Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, October 2008-March 2012
Program Officer, Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development, April 2002-July 2003
Program Officer, Center for the International Cooperation for Computerization, October 1997-July 2000

Major Publications

Refereed Journal Articles:

“Willingness to Pay for Managerial Training: A Case from the Knitwear Industry in Northern Vietnam.” Journal of Comparative Economics 42 (2014): 693-707. (with Hoang Nam Vu and Tetsushi Sonobe).

“On the Transferability of the Asian Rice Green Revolution to Rainfed Areas in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Assessment of Technology Intervention in Northern Ghana.” Agricultural Economics Vol. 45 (2014): 1-16. (with Millicent deGraft-Johnson, Takeshi Sakurai, and Keijiro Otsuka).

“Partial Vertical Integration, Risk Shifting, and Product Rejection in the High-value Export Supply Chain: The Ghana Pineapple Sector.”World Development Vol. 39, No. 9 (2011): 1611-1623. (with Lovell S. Jarvis and Richard J. Sexton)

“Local Personal Networks in Employment and the Development of Labor Markets: Evidence from the Cute Flower Industry in Ethiopia.”World Development Vol. 39, No. 10 (2011): 1760-1770. (with Yukichi Mano, Takashi Yamano, and Tomoya Matsumoto).

“Optimal Investment in Transportation Infrastructure When Middlemen Have Market Power: A Developing-Country Analysis.”American Journal of Agricultural Economics Vol. 91, No. 2(May 2009): 462-476. (with Pierre R. Mérel and Richard J. Sexton)

Book Chapters:

“Fresh Pineapple Export Industry in Ghana: Role of Smallholders in the High-Value Horticultural Supply Chain.” in Delivering Sustainable Growth in Africa. Edited by Takahiro Fukunishi. Palgrave MacMillan, Hampshire, UK: 2014.

“Case Study: Vietnamese Frozen Pangasius and Shrimp Exports.” In Meeting Standards, Winning Markets Regional Trade Standards Compliance Report East Asia 2013. United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna, Austria: 2013. (with Hoang Nam Vu).

“Volume IV: KAIZEN for Managerial Skills Improvement in Small and Medium  Enterprises” in Light Manufacturing in Africa: Targeted Policies to Enhance Private Investment and Create Jobs. Edited by Hinh T. Dinh, Vincent Palmade, Vandana Chandra, and Frances Cossar. The World Bank, Washington DC: 2012. (with Tetsushi Sonobe and Keijiro Otsuka)


Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, Japan Economic Association

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