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March 16, 2018
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 42 - Interview with Research Fellow Kengo Igei
October 4, 2017
InterviewInterview with Wah Wah Maung, Myanmar Central Statistical Organization (video)
October 4, 2017
InterviewInterview with Haishan Fu, Director, Development Data Group, the World Bank (video)
September 25, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 41 - Interview with Research Fellow Mai Seki
September 1, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 40 - Interview with Research Fellow Chigumi Kawaguchi
July 26, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 39 - Interview with Akio Hosono, Senior Research Advisor
January 4, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 38 - Interview with Research Fellow Yuriko Kameyama
December 9, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol.37 - Interview with Research Fellow Oscar A. Gomez
November 30, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 36 - Interview with Senior Research Fellow Hiroaki Shiga
October 11, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 35 - Interview with Deputy Director Nobuko Kayashima
July 4, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol.34 - Interview with Research Fellow Sachiko Goto Kamidohzono
March 2, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol.33 - Interview with Research Fellow Izumi Yamasaki
December 28, 2015
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 32 - Interview with Research Fellow Daiju Narita
September 16, 2015
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 31 - Interview with Senior Research Fellow Hideaki Kitaki
January 22, 2015
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol. 30】Interview with Deputy Director Naohiro Kitano
November 14, 2014
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol. 29】Interview with Director Ichiro Tambo
October 2, 2014
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.28】 Interview with Senior Research Fellow Go Shimada
April 8, 2014
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.27】 Interview with Stefan Leiderer, Senior Researcher of DIE
February 24, 2014
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.26】 Interview with Executive Senior Research Fellow Ken Odajima
December 11, 2013
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.25】 Interview with Research Fellow Yukimi Shimoda
September 12, 2013
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.24】 Interview with Senior Research Fellow Yasunobu Okabe
August 26, 2013
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.23】 Interview with Research Fellow Akira Murata
April 25, 2013
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.22】 Interview with Research Fellow Kamal Lamichhane
April 20, 2012
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.21】 Interview with Research Associate Mine Sato
March 22, 2012
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.20】 Interview with Research Associate Yessica Chung
February 2, 2012
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.19】 Interview with Research Associate Shunichiro Honda
December 5, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.18】 Interview with Research Fellow Suguru Miyazaki
September 21, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.17】 Interview with Research Associate Ryutaro Murotani
August 2, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.16】 Interview with Research Fellow Mari Katayanagi
July 5, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.15】 Interview with Visiting Fellow Kazuo Kuroda
June 6, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.14】Interview with Senior Research Fellow Yasuo Fujita
May 25, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.13】 Interview with Director Akio Hosono
April 8, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.12】 Interview with Senior Research Fellow Mitsuaki Furukawa
January 14, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.11】Interview with Visiting Fellow Yoichi Mine
December 14, 2010
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.10】Interview with Research Fellow Takako Yuki
July 13, 2010
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.9】Interview with Senior Research Fellow Atsushi Hanatani
March 5, 2010
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.8】Interview with Visiting Fellow Jin Sato
December 11, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.7】Interview with Senior Research Fellow Takaaki Oiwa
October 1, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.6】Interview with Research Fellow Jean-Claude Maswana
September 30, 2009
Interview【Special Interview】Interview with Director Keiichi Tsunekawa
May 12, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.5】Interview with Research Fellow Megumi Muto
April 20, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.4】Interview with Senior Research Fellow Shinichi Takeuchi
April 20, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.3】 Interview with Dr. Fletcher Tembo, Research Fellow at Overseas Development Institute, U.K.
April 20, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.2】Interview with Director Keiichi Tsunekawa, Part II
April 20, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.1】Interview with Director Keiichi Tsunekawa, Part I

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