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October 4, 2017
InterviewInterview with Haishan Fu, Director, Development Data Group, the World Bank (video)
September 25, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 41 - Interview with Research Fellow Mai Seki
September 1, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 40 - Interview with Research Fellow Chigumi Kawaguchi
July 26, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 39 - Interview with Akio Hosono, Senior Research Advisor
January 4, 2017
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 38 - Interview with Research Fellow Yuriko Kameyama
December 9, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol.37 - Interview with Research Fellow Oscar A. Gomez
November 30, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 36 - Interview with Senior Research Fellow Hiroaki Shiga
October 11, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 35 - Interview with Deputy Director Nobuko Kayashima
July 4, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol.34 - Interview with Research Fellow Sachiko Goto Kamidohzono
March 2, 2016
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol.33 - Interview with Research Fellow Izumi Yamasaki
December 28, 2015
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 32 - Interview with Research Fellow Daiju Narita
September 16, 2015
InterviewJICA-RI Focus Vol. 31 - Interview with Senior Research Fellow Hideaki Kitaki
January 22, 2015
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol. 30】Interview with Deputy Director Naohiro Kitano
November 14, 2014
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol. 29】Interview with Director Ichiro Tambo
October 2, 2014
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.28】 Interview with Senior Research Fellow Go Shimada
April 8, 2014
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.27】 Interview with Stefan Leiderer, Senior Researcher of DIE
February 24, 2014
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.26】 Interview with Executive Senior Research Fellow Ken Odajima
December 11, 2013
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.25】 Interview with Research Fellow Yukimi Shimoda
September 12, 2013
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.24】 Interview with Senior Research Fellow Yasunobu Okabe
August 26, 2013
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.23】 Interview with Research Fellow Akira Murata
April 25, 2013
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.22】 Interview with Research Fellow Kamal Lamichhane
April 20, 2012
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.21】 Interview with Research Associate Mine Sato
March 22, 2012
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.20】 Interview with Research Associate Yessica Chung
February 2, 2012
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.19】 Interview with Research Associate Shunichiro Honda
December 5, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.18】 Interview with Research Fellow Suguru Miyazaki
September 21, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.17】 Interview with Research Associate Ryutaro Murotani
August 2, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.16】 Interview with Research Fellow Mari Katayanagi
July 5, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.15】 Interview with Visiting Fellow Kazuo Kuroda
June 6, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.14】Interview with Senior Research Fellow Yasuo Fujita
May 25, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.13】 Interview with Director Akio Hosono
April 8, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.12】 Interview with Senior Research Fellow Mitsuaki Furukawa
January 14, 2011
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.11】Interview with Visiting Fellow Yoichi Mine
December 14, 2010
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.10】Interview with Research Fellow Takako Yuki
July 13, 2010
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.9】Interview with Senior Research Fellow Atsushi Hanatani
March 5, 2010
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.8】Interview with Visiting Fellow Jin Sato
December 11, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.7】Interview with Senior Research Fellow Takaaki Oiwa
October 1, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.6】Interview with Research Fellow Jean-Claude Maswana
September 30, 2009
Interview【Special Interview】Interview with Director Keiichi Tsunekawa
May 12, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.5】Interview with Research Fellow Megumi Muto
April 20, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.4】Interview with Senior Research Fellow Shinichi Takeuchi
April 20, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.3】 Interview with Dr. Fletcher Tembo, Research Fellow at Overseas Development Institute, U.K.
April 20, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.2】Interview with Director Keiichi Tsunekawa, Part II
April 20, 2009
Interview【JICA-RI Focus Vol.1】Interview with Director Keiichi Tsunekawa, Part I

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