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JICA-RI Monthly Updates (January, 2017)

  January, 2017  
JICA-RI Focus Vol.38 - Interview with Research Fellow Yuriko Kameyama: Learning that could contribute to better education
Implications of Empirical Research for a Shift of Cambodian Economy Away from Dollar Presented by Research Fellow Ken Odajima
JICA-RI Focus Vol.37 - Interview with Research Fellow Oscar A. Gomez: Proposing a Model of Crisis Management from the Viewpoint of Human Security
Discussing importance and methods of utilization of evaluation at the "School for All" Symposium: Senior Research Fellow Kozuka and Co-Directors of the World Bank
Researchers Present Findings at JASID Conference
Visiting Scholar Kamal Lamichhane Wins JASID Incentive Award 2016

Francisco Rojas Aravena, the University for Peace

'Human security concept to confront new threats'

Efficiency, Finance and Varieties of Industrial Policy
Working Paper: No.136.The Continuum of Humanitarian Crises Management: Multiple Approaches and the Challenge of Convergence
Open Seminar :
Normative framework of Japan’s bilateral development cooperation in comparative perspective

Date & time:
  January 17, 2017, 16:00 - 18:00
  JICA Ichigaya Building, Tokyo
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