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Working Papers

These Papers are scientific papers that report findings from JICA Ogata Research Institute ongoing or completed research, published with approval of the in-house review committee.

Policy Notes

Policy Notes are summaries of proposals for development policy and development implementation. They are intended to be useful to stakeholders of JICA projects, and policymakers and practitioners in the field of international development in Japan and abroad. Policy Notes aim to apply research outputs to JICA’s operations and contribute to cutting-edge debates in international development cooperation.

Note: Policy Notes succeed the Policy Briefs that JICA Ogata Research Institute published up to 2014.

Books and Reports

This section lists hardcover books issued from publishers and reports covering major topics of development cooperation.

Literature Reviews

JICA Ogata Research Institute reviews academic papers published in Japan and abroad as part of its research activities. These papers represent literature reviews in the domain of development assistance. Literature reviews available only in English can be found at the link below.

Field Reports

The JICA Ogata Research Institute aims to augment development projects worldwide. We offer our business partners a platform for presenting findings and insights gleaned from their experience and knowledge of collaborative development operations, including factor analyses of our projects. These papers express the views of individual authors and do not reflect the opinions of the JICA or the JICA Ogata Research Institute. Field reports available only in English can be found at the link below.

Project History

The Project History is a series of books, which review the trajectories and results of JICA projects.
This series puts the main target readership on the members of the younger generations who are interested in international cooperation, and gives them information about actual situations in development cooperation focused on describing people’s activities.

Policy Briefs (until JFY2014)

These papers raise awareness through use of JICA Ogata Research Institute research findings to introduce particular issues, primary points and policy implications in a comprehensive and succinct manner.

Other Publications and Papers

This section lists papers cotributed by JICA Ogata Research Institute and published from international organizations and research institutions other than JICA Ogata Research Institute.

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