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Although international guidance and assistance have been provided to developing countries for years, solid answers remain elusive to their entrenched issues: armed conflict, macroeconomic instability, poverty and environmental degradation. JICA-RI has adopted four fundamental policies that it believes will foster comprehensive studies of these issues based on theoretical and empirical knowledge as well as field-based experience and data.

1)Toward incorporating a comprehensive perspective:
JICA-RI will incorporate a comprehensive perspective in its cross-field research and analysis of development issues; encompassing individuals, society, the state and the market.
2)Toward integrating past and future:
JICA-RI will conduct studies that build on the operational experiences and analytic results of the former JICA and JBIC, as well as of other development aid organizations worldwide. It will integrate past policy lessons into the activities of the new JICA.
3)Toward unraveling the East Asian experiences:
JICA-RI will analyze the growth experiences of Japan and its East Asian neighbors and explore the applicability of these experiences to other regions. In so doing, it will carefully study the history and culture of each country or region to avoid mechanical application of models.
4)Toward open activities and collaboration with the international community:
JICA-RI aims to be a research institute that is open to both Japanese and international partners, including researchers, aid-implementing organizations, governmental bodies, private-sector corporations and NGOs. It will promote joint research with these partners, publishing the results primarily in English.

JICA-RI's Research Approach

Networked research

As a research institute affiliated with a development agency, JICA-RI's work is both policy- and operations-oriented, carried out together with various operational and academic organizations and other professionals committed to international development.

Target audience

JICA-RI will target the following audiences:

  • Developing country governments, academics and citizens
  • The international donor community
  • Stakeholders in Japan: government officials, politicians, academics, business leaders, NGOs, the media and the general public

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