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Group Activities of Syrians with Disabilities – January 2016 English (PDF/875KB)

Group Activities of Syrians with Disabilities – December 2015 English (PDF/807KB)

Group Activities of Syrians with Disabilities – October&November 2015 English (PDF/887KB)

Newsletter from Syrian PWDs group English (PDF/822KB)

The Project for Spreading Water Users Associations for Efficient Use of Irrigation Water in the Republic of Iraq Arabic (PDF/1.56MB)

Issue # August 2015 English (PDF/1.39MB) / Arabic (PDF/1.39MB)

  • JICA's Fiscal and Public Service Reform Development Policy Loan contributes to Jordan's reform efforts
  • JICA Volunteers' Activities of The Last Spring

Issue # December 2014 English (PDF/2.20MB) / Arabic (PDF/2.21MB)

  • His Majesty King Abdullah II has laid the foundation of the Petra Museum
  • Signing of Grant Agreement with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Water Networks in Balqa Governorate
  • Prime Minister Inaugurates Raghadan Terminal: Reviving the Down Town and a Starting Point for the Tourists
  • Kindergarten workshops for the Supervisors of Ministry of Education

Issue # August 2014 English (PDF/1.84MB) / Arabic (PDF/1.88MB)

  • The JICA's President met top officials of Jordan
  • Message from the Chief Representative-JICA Jordan Office
  • Public Debt Management Capacity Development Programme to Jordan
  • Second school semester activities for JOCV

Issue # April 2014 English (PDF/625KB) / Arabic (PDF/575KB)

  • Urgent Improvement of Water Sector for the Host Communities of Syrian Refugees in Northern Governorates
  • The Project for Improvement of Airport Security Equipment at Queen Alia International Airport
  • Inaugrating Ceremony on the Construction of Petra Museum Prolect
  • JICA New Budget-Support Loan to Jordan Amounting US $ 120 Million

Issue # January 2014 English (PDF/490KB) / Arabic (PDF/568KB)

  • Capacity Development for Improvement of Livehood
    For Palestinan Regugees Phase 2

Issue # June 2013 English (PDF/0.97MB) / Arabic (PDF/1.00MB)

  • JICA provides multifaced assistance to Jordan on Syrian refugees’ issue
  • Improvement and Expansion Of The Water Distribution Network In BALQA Governorate
  • Art, Sport, Music JOCV Activities at "UNRWA" Schools
  • JICA's Volunteers Spread Joy and Hope at Za'atari Refugee Camp and Host Communities
  • Project for Capasity Development of Career Guidance & Employment System

October 2012 – Issue #30 English (PDF/462KB) / Arabic (PDF/533KB)

  • JICA signs the loan to finance the "Human Resource Development and Social Infrastructure Improvement Project" with the Government of Jordan
  • Capacity Building on Non-Revenue Water Reduction for Yemenis
  • Capacity Building for Electricity in Palestine
  • Sustainable Community Tourism Development in As Salt City Project

April 2011 – Issue #20 English (PDF/220KB) / Arabic (PDF/242KB)

  • Press tour on Japan's cooperation with Jordan
  • Sharhabil Bin Hassneh Ecological park (SHE) opening
    - by Abdel Rahman Sultan – Friends of Earth Middle East (FOEME)
  • Dissemination Workshop on Environmental Education
  • When a disaster turns to be an opportunity for reconstruction and employment creation!

January 2011 – Issue #19 English (PDF/385KB) / Arabic (PDF/315KB)

  • Message from JICA's chief representative "20 years of JICA Jordan office, 37 years of Japanese ODA to Jordan"
  • Official Opening of Historic Old Salt Museum
  • Workshop on Licensing System for Service Connection Installation
    - by Eng. Waleed Sukkar - Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)
  • TCTP on Criminal Identification for Iraqis
  • Launching of Quality / Productivity Improvement (Kaizen) Project for SMEs
  • Japanese language Program in Jordan: Rooted in a long history with an ambition for future
  • Office Kaizen: JICA Jordan Office aims for team work and continuous improvement

October 2010 – Issue #18 English (PDF/239KB) / Arabic (PDF/314KB)

  • Capacity Building in Water Recourse Management for Palestinians
  • Faculty for Factory National Program (FFF)
    - by Dr. Yousef Al-Abdullat - University of Jordan
  • Third Country Training Program for Iraq's Electricity Sector
  • Invitation Program of Media Representatives to Japan
  • First Workshop for Iraq's Oil Spill Response Plan held in Amman
  • Engineers from Sri Lanka to Learn from Jordanian Experiences in NRW Reduction
    - by Eng. Waleed Sukkar - Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)
  • JICA's comprehensive approach in supporting PWDs in Jordan

August 2010 – Issue #17 English (PDF278/KB) / Arabic (PDF/412KB)

  • JICA Volunteers Counterparts organize a workshop in Duhlail on CBR
  • Samurai Cup takes school children to new challenges
  • On JICAVolunteers
    - by Dr. Hussein Yagi - Head of Asian languages Department, University of Jordan
  • JICAVolunteers launch a Photo Exhibition: Salt Views in Japanese Eyes
  • JOCV Program in Jordan is about transfer and support of skills
    - by Mazen Tarifi - JICA Alumni Association of Jordan (JAAJ)
  • Smile Cup 2010 summer

April 2010 – Issue #16 English (PDF304/KB) / Arabic (PDF/363KB)

  • Opening Ceremony for Improvement of the Water Supply for the Zarqa District Project
  • JICA Volunteers Escort People with Disability to Run in Dead Sea Marathon Race
  • Japan Provides Grant to Jordan on "Energy Conservation through Upgrading Water Supply Network in Jordan"
  • Integrating Health and Empowerment of Women in South Region
  • JICA's Energy Efficiency Expert in Jordan (March – June 2010)
  • Rehabilitation and Expansion of Water Facilities in Tafieleh and Maan
  • JICA (JOCV) and FOEME Cooperation
    Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark
  • Observations and Impression of New Comer to JICA Jordan
    By: Iyas Salim

January 2010 – Issue #16 English (PDF784/KB) / Arabic (PDF/923KB)

  • Japanese Garden in Abdoun
  • Directorate of Education at Tafilah Implement Waste Recycling Project "Cans for Student"
  • Young Leaders Training Program
  • Persons with Disabilities Conduct Cleaning Campaign in Karak
  • Capacity Building in Water Resources Management for Palestinians
  • ODA Seminar Held in Japan
  • Follow-up Mission on the Second Human Resources Development Sector Investment Project

October 2009 – Issue #15 English (PDF/255KB) / Arabic (PDF/334KB)

  • President Ogata’s Visit to Jordan
  • Preparatory Survey On The Project for Rehabilitation & Expansion of the Water Facilities in Southern Governorates of Tafeileh & Ma’an
  • Cooperation between the Vocational Training Corporation & Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • Third Country Training Program For Electric Sector for the Republic of Yemen
  • The Second Phase of the Project for Improvement of Livelihood of Palestinian Refugees
  • Project for Improvement of Airport Security Equipment at Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan
  • Institutional Capacity Building & Technical Skill Improvement on Electricity
  • JICA Pledges Three Yen Loan Projects to Iraq

August 2009 – Issue #14 English (PDF/323KB) / Arabic (PDF/397KB)

  • Ground Breaking Ceremony for Improvement of Water Supply System for the Zarqa District Project (Phase II)
  • Mid-term Review Mission of the Integrating Health and Empowerment of Women in the South Region Project
  • The Senior Volunteers & the Industrial Competitiveness
  • Project Study on Quantification of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) Emission Reduction
  • Outline of Dispatching Short Term JOCV for Children’s Activities in Palestinian Refugees Camps
  • Port Sector Rehabilitation Project Workshop in Amman
  • Capacity Development Project for Training for Palestinians in the Field of Meteorological Sector
  • Two Training Courses for Twenty Six (26) Participants from the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture

April 2009 English (PDF/157KB) / Arabic (PDF/289KB)

  • New JICA was born on the day of October 1st, 2008
    Letter from Mr. Shigeru Okamoto, the Chief Representatives
  • Capacity Development Project for Non Revenue Water Reduction in Jordan (Phase II)
  • Strengthening Regional Cooperation
    TCTP -Capacity Building in Water Resources Management for Palestinians
  • Wrap-up Meeting on
    The Project for Strengthening the Capacity of Training Management
  • The Project for Energy Conservation through Upgrading Water Supply Network in Jordan
  • JICA’s SEED to Hold Final Joint Coordination Committee Meeting
    The Project for Strengthening the Capacity of Training Management
  • Japanese Language Speech Contest – University of Jordan
  • JICA Signs Two ODA Loans Agreement with Iraq


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