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August 7, 2017

[Scholarship Graduates] ABE Initiative (7): Business Planning Study Group - Team fellows who studied in Japan and starting business in Kenya (Private Sector)

This series introduce scholarship graduates who keep striving towards a better future even after the completion of the program.

This time is about the voluntary study group of five ABE Initiative participants. Through their stay in Japan, including study and internship, they learnt the importance of raising industries and creating jobs. Then they returned to Kenya very motivated to realize their dream, taking advantage of the network with Japanese companies which they cultivated during stay in Japan. In May this year, JICA Kenya office organized a Networking Fair between these participants and Japanese companies in Kenya, whereas the participants got to make presentations to the Japanese companies. They have also taken part in a study session organized by JICA Kenya, to further improve their business skills.

* ABE Initiative: Master's Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education Initiative for Youth, launched by Japanese Prime Minister ABE in TICADV in 2013. Participants are from private sector, government officials and educators broadly.

* Regarding "ABE Initiative Networking Fair in Kenya" held on 12th May, please see;

On this day, five young entrepreneurs from the first batch of the ABE Initiative participants gathered in the conference room of JICA Kenya office;

  • Mr. Mutembei KARIUKI (Master of Global ICT Course at Kobe Information Graduate University)
  • Mr. Christopher Mutuma MAITAI (Master of Engineering, Miyazaki University)
  • Mr. OLE RUMPE Lekakeny (Master of International Area Studies, Toyo University)
  • Mr. LEMTUKEI Daniel (Shimane University Bioresource Science Master of Graduate Studies)
  • Mr. KIPROP Eliud (Masters of Engineering Graduate School of Ashikaga Institute of Technology)

It was a voluntary study session of business planning.

Mr. Kenji Aizono, the in charge of private sector development in JICA Kenya was invited as a lecturer. Being a business professional, Mr. Aizono revealed incomprehensible situations in business here, but with a friendly and attentive storytelling.

The participants took advantage of the platform and they were interested in understanding of what to think about when starting up the business, step by step through flowcharts. The lecturer, Mr. Aizono explained taking concrete examples while checking the understanding of the students. The session progressed well with good interactive sessions between all. In the warm atmosphere, the constant reactions, questions and opinions from the students made the lecture more interactive.

In the networking fair in Kenya held in May, they did passionate presentations. However, though they explained their business plans with enthusiasm, it felt more one-sided then. They have since learnt a lot and now understand that they could still improve their business plan presentations by involving the audience more. They can now grab the steps of business planning. They were given more assignments to tackle in preparation of future presentations. Let us expect their next actions with hope.

PhotoLecturer Mr. Aizono (right) and the young entrepreneurs

PhotoLecturer Mr. Aizono and the participants during the business planning steps

PhotoInteractive session going on

PhotoInteractive session in warm atmosphere


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