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September 11, 2018

[Scholarship Graduates] ABE Initiative (17): Dr. Mary KANYI (Medic without boundaries) - Knowledge is power. Dental care is a progressive welfare. (Government Official)

This series introduces scholarship graduates who keep striving towards a better future after the completion of the program.

Our focus for this installment is on a young doctor who has made it in the Medial Field and also handled high administrative medical related responsibilities while still in her young years of age. She is Dr. Mary KANYI (M.S. in Dentistry, Tohoku University). A young lady who has done it and still feels there is room for much more. Hers is a case of the go-getter personality, combined with the tricks of ‘never stopping', something she learnt while studying for her masters at Tohoku University in Japan.

ABE Initiative: Master's Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education Initiative for Youth, launched by Japanese Prime Minister Abe in TICADV in 2013. Participants are from the private sector, government officials and educators.

The expectations that would come to your mind if you walked in a big Government Referral facility to meet the Senior Dental Officer are similar to those most of us at JICA had at one of the organized Reporting Sessions for returnee Master's Students. The attendees to this particular session were all eagerly looking forward to meeting the Senior Dental Officer at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.

Just like most first time visitors to new countries with totally different cultures from theirs, Dr. Kanyi also had her moments in Japan. Everything was just too fast and unpredictable. Though she thought she may never get used to the culture, food varieties, weather, timeliness and all, she still ended up enjoying every bit of her studies.

Undertaking a Master's Program in Japan entails a lot of practical learning as well as internship at selected companies. Dr. Kanyi's was a unique Internship experience being that she interned in two companies. Both MAYEKAWA MFG. CO., LTD. (external link), which manufactures large scale compressors for meat freezers and GC Corporation, which is one of the largest manufacturers of dental supplies and equipment, offered her invaluable exposure. Her experience ranges right from background science in design, manufacturing and production processes. These companies presented to her the opportunity to do factory tours and observe the production processes. GC Corporation, in appreciation of her potential and interest, invited her to the facility for product development which is the center of their technology (R&D center).

Though School life in Japan was tough, she made a decision to be tougher than what lay ahead of her. She had to meet all the expectations. Those of her Supervisors, Professors, fellow students, friends, family and most importantly, her own. Despite all the demands on her, she still enjoyed the diverse culture, beauty and long list of Japan festivities. She would once in a while let her youth out; join the new friends she had made from Japan and other African countries. Together, they would venture out, attend festivities, enjoy a bit of chit chat, visit some fun places, eat out and travel around too.

She believes the overall Japan experience has made her the person she is today. She now sees things from an altogether new angle. The world of opportunities, endless possibilities as well as the room to always maintain continuous improvements strongly illuminated right in front of her eyes.

Dr. Kanyi has returned to Kenya to continue working for the same employer, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, which is the 2nd largest in the country. BUT, her return has come with so much to offer. Though her confidence and quality of her Dental Practice has gone to high levels, she is not one to stop there. If she did, then her valuable experience in Japan and especially during the internship period would go to waste. To her, she will not rest until the impact of her Master's Research, in "Evaluation of Corrosion Damages Caused by Detergents, Antiseptics and Disinfectants on Stainless Steel Used to Fabricate Medical and Dental Devices" gets real. She believes there is nothing that can limit her or stop her from reaching the high heights she has set for herself.

PhotoHappy Faces!!
Dr. Kanyi (third from left) with other Graduates of Tohoku University at JICA Office for a closing ceremony organized by JICA and JICE.

PhotoExpress yourself with creativity. Makes festivities worth. That's Japan for you.

PhotoDr. Kanyi still cherishes the magnificent beauty of Japan


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