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Press Release

May 12, 2017

RE: Notice on JICA's Compliance and Anti-Corruption Measures (JICA is "Zero-Corruption")

Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.

JICA puts great emphasis on the necessity to adhere to compliance in order to facilitate proper implementation of JICA's cooperation under Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA). Any fraud and corruption related to Japan's ODA, including bribery, is prohibited. The following actions are regarded as fraud and corruption.

  • Issuing false statements
  • Engaging in negligent action
  • Breach of contract
  • Causing damage or injury to the public
  • Causing damage or injury to a person involved in the operation
  • Engaging in bribery
  • Engaging in an activity that is in violation of the Antimonopoly Act
  • Engaging in bid rigging
  • Engaging in wrongful or dishonest acts

JICA declares that all JICA personnel should never be involved in fraud and corruption. In case of such an occurrence, any JICA violator/s will be subjected to severe punishments. On the other hand, in case any of the above mentioned acts are committed by the third party, JICA must take strict actions. Any person who has committed the offensive act will be punished. The organization to which such person belongs will also be sanctioned, and that organization may suffer further damage through loss of credibility, the payment of penalty and the suspension of its eligibility to participate in tender procedures for contracts, etc. Your kind understanding of our outlined measures against fraud and corruption will be highly appreciated.

If you should obtain or come across any information of fraud and corruption, please contact the General Affairs Section, JICA Kenya Office.

General Affairs Section, JICA Kenya Office
Mr. Katsuya KUGE, Senior Representative
E-mail: Kuge.Katsuya@jica.go.jp Mobile: 0796-362706
Mr. Masayoshi KOTANI, Resident Representative
E-mail: Kotani.Masayoshi@jica.go.jp Mobile: 0799-529125



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