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Topics & Events

November 15, 2013


PhotoProf. Ushiyama gives his presentation at the conference

The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) recently hosted its Eighth Scientific, Technological and Industrialization Conference titled ‘Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development'. The Conference, held from 14th-15th November, 2013 brought together various stakeholders in these fields, drawn from the private sector, government, international organizations and academia. Among the main highlights at the Conference were plenary presentations and parallel sessions by Japanese experts and JKUAT counterparts of JICA's technical cooperation project, ‘Project for Capacity Development for Promoting Rural Electrification Using Renewable Energy’ (the ‘BRIGHT Project[1]’). BRIGHT stands for Better life for people in Rural areas and Intellectual network on Green energy and its Hands-on Technology.

At the Conference Plenary, Prof. Izumi Ushiyama, the President of Japan's Ashikaga Institute of Technology gave a keynote address on "Water, Energy, Environment and Climate change". Prof. Ushiyama, who is a Japanese Expert for the BRIGHT Project, emphasized the need to promote renewable energy, due to adverse effects of non-renewable energy to the environment. For instance, global warming has in recent years caused more frequent and more devastating natural disasters such as stronger hurricanes and more frequent floods. This trend will only worsen if urgent measures are not put in place to avert further environmental degradation. This underscores the need for all countries to develop green energy.

PhotoL: Prof. Kahangi gives her address as she opens the seminar

On Day 2 of the conference, the BRIGHT Project organized a parallel session titled ‘Small-Scale Wind Energy Systems Seminar’ to explore and share information on the potential for small-scale wind energy systems for sustainable production of power for rural electrification in Kenya. The Seminar was opened by Prof. Esther Kahangi, JKUAT's Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research, Production and Extension. It was started off by Prof. Ushiyama, who gave a presentation on current trends and issues in small wind energy systems' development, as well as expectations of the BRIGHT project in Kenya.

Other presentations from the parallel session included:

  1. Dr. Tsutomu Dei & Hannington Gochi from JICA's ‘Project for Establishment of Rural Electrification Model Using Renewable Energy’ with Rural Electrification Authority (REA) – ‘Analysis of wind energy data in Kenya’
  2. Eng. Kiremu Magambo (Consultant from Rencon Associates Ltd.) - ‘Training needs on small-scale wind energy systems’

Other prominent presenters and attendees at the JKUAT Science Conference were,

  • Dr. P. Njogu, Research Fellow, IEET (Institute of Energy and Environmental Energy)
  • Ms. Purity Njeru, Technologist, IEET
  • Prof. S. M. Maranga, Professor, DME (Dep. of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mr. G. G. Kidegho, Chief Technologist, DEEE (Dep. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  • Dr. J. N. Kamau, Lecturer, Dep. of Physics

From Japan:

  • Prof. Y. Ando, Professor of Small Hydro Power at Ashikaga Institute of Technology (AIT)
  • Prof. Y. Nemoto, Professor of Wind Energy & Biomass at AIT
  • Dr. Y. Nishizawa, Research Associate in Wind Energy at AIT
  • Mr. Y. Otake, Chief Advisor of the BRIGHT Project
  • Mr. N. Yumoto, the wind power expert for the BRIGHT Project

PhotoR: Dr. Njogu of the Institute of Energy and Environmental Energy (IEET)

PhotoL: Mr. Magambo, a Consultant

PhotoR: Mr. Hannington from REA

It is hoped that the results of the JKUAT conference as well as the BRIGHT Project will contribute to further development of R&D, curriculum development (education), and training for the promotion of renewable energy in Kenya.


  • [1] JICA's "BRIGHT" Project aims at strengthening the capacity of JKUAT in Research & Development (R&D), Education (curriculum development), and Training in the field of rural electrification using renewable energy.


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