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JICA in the News

Japanese help Kyrgyz villagers become self-sufficient with use of bio-fuels
(The Times of Central Asia (PDF/243KB), April 23, 2010)
With JICA's support, villagers are now able to build simple biogas plants at low cost and recycle organic waste for the production of biogas and fertilizers. The high-quality fertilizers can increase crop yield and be a source of income for the villagers.

Japan aid improves Kyrgyz roads
(The Times of Central Asia (PDF/106KB), February 4, 2010)
Although 95 percent of Kyrgyzstan transport sector is dependent on road network, the maintenance of the roads have not been managed, resulting in two thirds of the roads being in poor condition. JICA has started a new project for the Capacity Building of Road Maintenance that aims to improve the living environment of residents and regional transportation.

She who puts smiles on children's faces
(Slovo Kyrgyzstana (PDF/128KB), December 8, 2009)
The Kyrgyz Republic is facing the insufficiency of professionals who support children with disabilities. A Japanese female volunteer has been active in providing instructions on how to support those children to their mothers and teaching occupational therapy to her colleagues.

Japanese garden in Jany-Pakhta
(Chuiskie izvestia (PDF/253KB), November 6, 2009)
Students of the Jany-Pakhta's secondary school of the Sokuluk district took part in planting 12 thousands sapling as the first step to the realization of the Project for the Support of Joint Forest Management in the Kyrgyz Republic (SJFM),launched with JICA.


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