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June 20, 2017

Improvement of CBO "Bugu ene" in frame of OVOP movement.

From 2012 until January 2017 the project with the support of JICA Kyrgyz Republic Office was implemented on «community empowerment through small business promotion by one village one product (OVOP) approach in Issyk-Kul region» and development of community activities through promoting and selling goods of OVOP. From January 2017, it was decided to expand the OVOP activity model all over the Kyrgyz Republic and implement project on «Dissemination of OVOP Issyk-Kul model to other regions of the country». Originally, OVOP is a Japanese regional development program started in Oita Prefecture, the sample and methods of which are used in OVOP Kyrgyz Republic.

In 2011, a group of women in Tasma village (Tyup rayon (district) of Issyk-Kul oblast) joined to OVOP association and started producing soap from natural herbs alongside with JICA volunteers. They called their group "Bugu-ene". The nature of Tasma village has rich sources of ingredients for producing 12 varieties of soaps that are popular among local people and tourists, e.g. goat's milk and herbs such as calendula and chamomile.

Recently, with the cooperation of OVOP project, "Bugu-ene" worked on improvement of working environment and producing space. To realize this kind of reforms, "Bugu-ene" tries to save 10% of income from sales every month.

Ms. Mairamkul, the leader of "Bugu Ene" says: "Having a reserve fund is a huge advantage for us. By investing reserved money we can make many changes such as improvement of working environment and purchase new equipment. We have changed windows, floor cover and installed more shelves to reach Japanese principle «seiriseiton», that helps keep things tidy and in order."

Ms. Mairamkul also added: "After this reform, working environment has changed a lot. Now we can introduce our new and clean working place to tourists and visitors. Also, we started to pay more attention on hygiene, since we could simplify producing and cleaning processes.

We are going to continue investing our reserve fund into improvement of our working space, adjustment of better hygiene and eager to continue and develop our group".

PhotoProcess of soap producing

PhotoWomen of CBO "Bugu-ene"

PhotoRenewed working place for the reserved fund.


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