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Topics & Events

January 9, 2018

Festival of Japanese culture and New Year in the Naryn Сhildren’s Educational Center.

One of our volunteers, Baba Rie JV finished 2 years activity as a teacher of Japanese language and culture in Naryn Oblast Children's Educational Center (Naryn Doc). Baba Rie JV, or as her students call her "Rie Sensei", during the period of volunteer activity, held 6 different festivals at Naryn Doc. The festival of "Japanese Culture and New Year" was special for her, teachers and all guests, since children demonstrated everything that Rie Sensei taught them. Traditional Japanese dances, songs and performance on Japanese drums "Wadaiko" were played. We hope that the children will continue to make a best effort to achieve what they want to do and love Japanese culture even after Rie Sensei returns to Japan.

PhotoJapanese song "Small World" by children of basic secondary education

PhotoDirector is awarding volunteer Baba Rie for contributing to the children's educational center.

PhotoJapanese traditional New Year game "Fukuwarai"


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