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Topics & Events

April 25, 2018

First competition of dodgeball ("bouncers").

On 20th of April, 2018 for the first time in the Kyrgyz Republic in one of the schools of Alamudun rayon of Chui oblast, a dodgeball competition was held among pupils of 5-6 grades.

The rules of the game dodgeball are different from all known game of "bouncers".

"Bouncers" - two people get up from both sides of the site. "Bouncers" stand in the center. The task of the knockers by throwing the ball, they need to knock out all the players. Those, in they turn, should avoid the ball.

As for dodgeball it is a team game where they compete with each other, the goal is to knock out with ball as many of the players of the opposing team during the appointed time. Dodgeball ground is divided into 2 inside and 2 outside zones. Game start in inside zone, thereafter each knocked out player should relocate to opposite outside zone and continue knocking with ball their opponents. After expiration of 5 minutes, team that has the most players remaining in the inner zone wins.

Children were captured by team spirit and sporting excitement. It was noticed that during the game children from different schools and different regions became friends.

Our volunteers - physical education teachers will continue popularization of dodgeball in the Kyrgyz Republic.

PhotoGame started!

PhotoTarget is chosen!

PhotoGood throw!


PhotoCompetition participants.


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