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April 30, 2018

Short-term plan for road disaster prevention has been developed.

In the end of April, the 5th meeting of the Joint Coordination Committee for the Road Disaster Prevention Project was held.

On the meeting the 3-5 year short-term plan for prevention measures developed by Ministry of Transport and Roads with support of the Project team was presented. The mountain road sections that could endanger human lives and impede the traffic were carefully examined. For instance, the Bishkek-Osh road conceals many hazards like big stones hanging on the slopes, avalanches of big volume, strong snowstorms impairing visibility as well as landslides and mudflows. The short-term plan includes prevention measures amounting to 498.3 million KGS for 27 potentially dangerous sections.

The mentioned hazard sites are located on the Project's target roads: Bishkek-Osh, Osh-Sarytash-Irkeshtam, Bazar-Korgon-Arstanbap, Myrzake-Karakulja-Alaykuu. Upon completion of the Project responsible employees of MoTR who gained knowledge and skills in inspection and analysis of disasters are expected to execute planning of prevention works for all public roads.

Some work has already started. For instance, MoTR has allocated the funds for installing the drainage pipes inside the slope along the Bishkek-Osh road to prevent a landslide.

PhotoThe 5th meeting of the Joint Coordination Committee.

PhotoPoint of km 262 of the Bishkek-Osh road prone to rockfall. Proposed protection measure is fraction and removal of stones.

PhotoAvalanche occurred on 13 March 2018 on Bishkek-Osh road. The avalanche's breadth was 200 m, length - 250 m, height - 50 m. On that road section the snowshed is going to be constructed under JICA grant project.

PhotoLandslide prone section on Bishkek-Osh road (point of km 85.5).

PhotoThe Project's experts and staff of MoTR were measuring the speed of movement of the ground on the landslide prone area (point of km 85.5 on Bishkek-Osh road) within 1.5 year. The proposed measure is to install drainage pipes inside the slope. The relevant works are planned for summer this year.


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