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Topics & Events

May 30, 2018

TLC of local type for the storage and distribution of potato will be constructed in Kochkor.

On 29th of May 2018 the ceremony on signing of the Memorandum of understanding on the establishment of the Trade Logistics Center of local type (LTLC) in Kochkor district of Naryn region was held. Memorandum has been signed by the parties that implement the pilot project on promotion of agriculture logistics through the establishment of LTLC. The main goal of the pilot project is to develop the business model of LTLC based on the agricultural cooperative.

It is expected, (1) LTLC will contribute to increase of Kochkor farmer's income from potato sales, (2) LTLC will as follows consolidate small individual deliveries into large quantities, (3) will provide services on washing, storing, sorting, and packing the products. Amanbai Kayipov, Plenipotentiary representative of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in Naryn region: "Construction of the LTLC is very important for Naryn region, especially during the year of regions development. Currently, farmers in Kochkor store their product in inappropriate conditions and have many losses. On condition that LTLC is constructed, farmers could sell potato in spring at better price and increase their income. I wish this project is implemented successfully and become an example, model for other agricultural cooperatives".

Murashev Nurbek, Minister of Agriculture, Food Industry and Melioration of KR expressed support to the project and noted the importance of TLC creation in KR: "Establishment of trade-logistics centers, warehouse for vegetables with application of world modern best practice and technology in line with international standards could solve most of the problems in promotion of agricultural products on internal and international markets".

PhotoMemorandum was signed by the following parties (from left to right): (1) Chairman of Logistics Association of Manufactures, (2) Plenipotentiary representative of the Government of KR in Naryn region, (3) Minister of Agriculture, Food Industry and Melioration of KR, (4) Chief Representative of JICA in the KR, (5) Head of Kochkor Aiyl Okmotu, (6) Chairman of the agricultural cooperative "Kochkor Logistics".

PhotoParticipants of the ceremony

PhotoKochkor district. Site, where TLC local type is planned to be constructed.


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